Feedback for Glenacius_K

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Very pleasant experience, fast shipping and easy to work with!
Thank you!


This thread here is feedback for the experience ive had dealing with Glen (@Glenacius_K) of Spinworthy. Glen himself is a regular on the forums and a guy who is passionate about yoyos. Made from wood. So passionate he is, that he makes them himself by hand and sells them to anyone wanting.

I myself am a new member of the forums with very little to no “street cred”. None of you know me, and I know it. Ive recently been into fixed axle throws and have seen that several members on the forum have spoken well of Glen and his custom made yoyos, and decided to message him about creating me a Harbinger of my own.

After messaging him about a new yoyo, he responded to my inquiry in under an hour. We discussed options over the next several days (when I had time to reply), and he was very informative on what options were available, the characteristics of the materials, and his personal preferences. I eventually settled on a white oak yoyo with a walnut axle, and he said that he would make the yoyo, show me pictures, and after I pay he will ship. As it turned out, he already had one made so I didn’t even have to wait for him to make it.

Payment was discussed (if he approves ill post prices), sent, and immediately approved. It was the weekend so he said he would have to wait until the post opened to ship it. Shipping is from Australia to the US, so I knew it could take a while. 10 days later the package arrives at my mailbox. The yoyo was shipped inside a little burlap yoyo bag not too dissimilar to what you would get with a tavern puzzle, an attached sticker, and stuffed inside a box with recycled plastic fill that would have cushioned the yoyo even if Ace Ventura was the delivery man.

As for the yoyo, very top notch indeed! Looks great and performs excellent. Has less string vibe than my OUT Just for Fun, spins longer, and has a better response. Fantastic product.

In summary:

  • Prompt feedback
  • Will work with you personally and make exactly what you want
  • Economy Air Mail International shipping to NJ in 10 days time
  • Honest and straightforward

Would definitely do business with again! He was trusting and willing to work with an unverified forum stranger such as myself, and treated me with the proper respect that any professional business would provide. 10/10 smooth transaction.

edit: why is this 2nd post? I made this thread dammit!


@Glenacius_K Spinworthy Glen is awesome and stands behind all of this throws. Don’t ever hesitate dealing with him. Everyone on the YYE forums need a Harbinger in their collections.