Fixed Axle Friday Throws


Plenty on ebay, but pricey for what they are. I’d say they’re worth what they’re going for, if you don’t have one.


I need to get a Spinworthy next

(Spinworthy Glen) #44

I have some in white oak already made. They’re my favourite kind. PM me if you’d like one.

(Spinworthy Glen) #45

Here’s the plastic fixed axle I promised @gcoomans.

Made completely of UHMWPE. One of the most reliably responsive fixed axles I’ve ever made and really smooth playing. Works perfectly with regular poly string with no melting.


Since its Black Friday, I’ll be slinging this BC Black and Silver TK 3 and 1 coming in at 54g and 57mm in diameter. The paint gives it a unique feel as well and those few extra grams

(ChrisFrancz) #47

So pretty!


Today’s #fixedaxlefriday throw is a 2016 reproduction of a 1958 Duncan Butterfly woodie before they went to plastic in 1968. This one is slimmer than the plastic and comes in at 51grams. The response is just rough wood not as sanded as the rest of the body and uncoated.


Today I’m throwing an all Maple Hildy Brothers Currier weighing in at 54g. This is typically my EDC fixed axle, and I give it a rest on Fridays. It is really good for transitioning back from unresponsive play because of its solid balanced feel. It’s not my longest spinning fixie but it is very smooth and consistent. The plainness just makes it a classic toy


Love the Curriers! I’ve got a plain maple (pretty light), an oak (from an old bourbon barrel) and a maple take apart in gold (right around 58g).

The Gold is my favorite, the plain maple was my edc for a couple years.

More people should really try the Curriers!

(Spinworthy Glen) #51

I really appreciate the quality of the workmanship of the Curriers, it’s top notch, these guys are great craftsman.

I have a take apart in maple with purpleheart caps. It’s a lovely yoyo.


That is gorgeous. Beautiful yo-yos in the recent posts here


I’m throwing this one. I can’t remember when I got it or who is responsible for making it but I really like the different woods.

(ChrisFrancz) #54

That’s really unique looking! How do you like it?


I like it. The weight is nice and it’s really smooth for a wood fixed axle.


That’s a Fallen 44


Thanks for that. I couldn’t remember who made it.