Fixed Axle Friday Throws

(Spinworthy Glen) #62

Thanks. This one has a subtle inverse curve in the catch zone.


Only a couple of more days and I get to open and play that Spinworthy you made for me, Happy Hollidays :gift::christmas_tree:

(Jim Honaker) #64

Not just my Friday throw.

(ed) #65

ME TOO! #twinning!
Yay for eH’s in da wild!!!


Two wood spinny bois

The Clean Machine was a trade with @vegabomb for a Shutter but I feel I got the better end of that deal due to his generosity :wink:

(Spinworthy Glen) #67

You bought a wooden fixed axle yoyo @codinghorror??..


I was on the @ed1 hype-train!! :steam_locomotive:

(Spinworthy Glen) #69

Wow!.. Well how do you like it?


It’s good? I am not entirely sure how tight to screw the wood axle so I’ve been tender with it, and it has come apart once. It is so clearly an object that was made with much :heart:

(Jim Honaker) #71

I did the same thing. I was pretty ginger with it and it came apart. No marks, but my heart stopped for a moment.

(Spinworthy Glen) #72

Stunning looking yoyos, those ehs.

(ed) #73

Stick two dimes in the slots and use the leverage to twist them together as you set the gap so you don’t need to be so ginger. There’s an art both to tuning them and tightening them.

(ChrisFrancz) #74



It the last Fixed Axle Friday of the year so I hope today we see a lot of fixed axle throws on the thread, even if they are all 20eHTeens @ed1 . Today I’ll be throwing my new Harbinger from Spinworthy @Glenacius_K. The maple EH comes in at 51grams with a 61mm diameter, while this beautiful White Oak Harbinger has a little more heft at 54grams and not as large with a 58mm diameter and a slimmer profile. You also still might be able to get one as well if you PM @Glenacius_K. Here are some comparisons pics of the two.

(Jim Honaker) #76

Today will be the eH for sure (with a little Deep State too, shh told tell anybody). Hopefully soon I will have a No Jive to keep them company. That Harbinger looks very nice @Glenacius_K.

(ZAC) #77

Spinworthy Harbinger , working on a kwijibo stall thing.


What happened to this cool wood burnination with the unicorn logo? It’s so awesome! :unicorn:

Plain wood with the subtle logo is cool too, don’t get me wrong.

(Spinworthy Glen) #79

Yeah that was V1 of the Harbinger. It was smaller with a slightly different shape and had either a lion or a unicorn burned onto the side. I like the subtle burning better.


Are you allowed to have a custom burn?

(Spinworthy Glen) #81

That depends what it is. If you can send it to me as a .jpg or .png I can burn it, but I can only burn it no larger than 40mm x 40mm.