Fixed Axle Friday Throws


This Friday I’m throwing a gem that has gone under the radar. This Hildy Brothers Azalea weighs in at 51grams at 60mm diameter with the purple heart inlays. Not many V shape fixies out on the market. What are the rest of you all throwing on this #fixedaxlefriday?

(Gethin) #83

Ooh she gorgeous!!! I’m throwing my plastic from @Glenacius_K

(Spinworthy Glen) #84

That plastic has a crazy smooth play feel!

Wish I had one. Lol

(Jim Honaker) #85

I know it’s not fixed axle, I am still throwing around my 20ehTeen. But it does make me wonder, how does the Deep State compare to the 650B for fixed axle play?

(Spinworthy Glen) #86

Actually found two of these I had stashed away yesterday. I think I’ll put them up for sale for cheap.

(Spinworthy Glen) #87

Love the parquetry on the caps!

(Jim Honaker) #88

Can’t forget about this little guy either. By the way, how do you prefer your 3-in-1? Imperial or wing?

(Spinworthy Glen) #89

Never used one, would you believe it.


When in doubt go Pagoda-yo!


Was able to get a spinning shot of this HB Azalea. The pattern in action.


The Deep State and the 650B can handle a lot, if not most of the fixed axle tricks. The 650B is bigger and has an A sized bearing with a larger response pad compared to the Deep State and its recessed full sized C bearing. These are both fun yos but I prefer my Deep State over the Alley Cat at the present moment. However lately when I want to play responsive I’m gravitating to fixed axle yos. I also enjoy unresponsive play. There are so many yoyos and ways to play, they are all fun. Saturday I’ll have to spend some more time with my cat.

(Jim Honaker) #93

Thanks for the pics. It is nice to see side by side. Does one feel more like a fixed axle than the other to you? Recently I got into fixed axles, YYF Legend, EH 2018, No Jive 3in1. The Deep State just fits so nicely in my pocket and travel with me everywhere.


No, these are definitely ball bearing yoyos, with spin times to back that up. They are different, the bearing responsives can do some other sruff, like UFOs and Sidewinder tricks a lot more exaggerated and longer. Fixed axle has more focus on string tension and using that to manipulate play. The bearing yoyos like the string to be neutral.


Probably the Alleycat responds a bit quicker, and so maybe “feels more like a fixed axle”. Still, I’m in line with @Exmime, and also just like the Deep State better. Actually some of the slim-C ones have quicker response, but I find them more limited even than fixed axles, in that they don’t tolerate string layers very well.

Doesn’t hurt that this is my Deep State!

I was playing my Oak Harbinger today. It’s my new favorite, overtaking my Walnut Harbinger!

(Jim Honaker) #96

That is a spectacular deep state!


Here’s my other one:

I think the copper coated one is a tad heavier(?), so they play a bit different.

How much does weight vary in the same yo-yo model?
The same yo-yo in plastic, metal, and bimetal?

One of my favorite yoyos from childhood.


Another #fixedaxlefriday. I’m super pumped to get my TMBR White Oak Sullivan back up and spinning. In anticipation for rhe 20eHTEEN release I was playing this one a lot and accidentally sat and rolled on it when it was in my back pocket and the axle broke. Luckily they are replaceable. The White Oak Sullivan comes in at 62grams and is a heavy weight compared to the eH’s 51grams even though they are the same diameter. The Sullivan design is like a 3 and 1 where it can also be played in Imperial or even the the highly advanced Pagoda-Yo configurations. Mine is set up Butterfly (or Flying Camel) today. After tuning the gap and setting the screws this is as good as new. What are you all throwing today?

20eHteen / Sullivan/ Harbinger WO


Love the Sullivans! My Maple Sullivan is around 56g. Is that my old Oak Sullivan? Can’t remember the weight on mine. My koa Sullivan was something like 46-48g. Real light.