Fixed Axle Friday Throws


Good eye, that was your old Sullivan you put up on the BST. A fixed axle kwyjibo slayer. How is your year of Fixed Axle going?

(Spinworthy Glen) #103

What’s that tiny metal top there, Mike?

(Spinworthy Glen) #104

I’ve been throwing a Spinworthy Ballsy I made for myself out of Australia sheoak yesterday.

Sheoak was named that because it was considered to be softer than regular oaks (she-oak). Funny thing is, is that Australian sheoak is a lot harder than any other oak I know of.


I get quite a feeling of accomplishment just to hit a boomerang with it! It is not easy, for me at least.

It’s fixed tip, so I count that as fitting in with fixed axle. Fixed Axle and Tip Friday

(Spinworthy Glen) #106

That’s surprisingly heavy for a maple yoyo with a walnut wood thread axle.

Doesn’t even the big 20 ehteen weigh in at about 50g?


Is that Ballsy stained or is that the natural color for Austrailian sheoak? Beautiful looking finish.

(Spinworthy Glen) #108

I put a natural finish on my yoyos made of citrus and tung nut oils. It’s food safe, so there’s nothing nasty in it.

That’s its natural colour.

(Spinworthy Glen) #109

I’ll ask anyone who severly allergic to nuts before using it on a yoyo they’ve asked me to make them. It’s possible it could affect them.

If that’s the case, I can just use mineral oil for theirs.

(Tim) #110

I know this might be a very stupid question but what exactly is fixed axle? Is it like a normal yoyo just without a ball-bearing?


Thats basically it. This was how YoYos were originally constructed, ball bearing yoyo weren’t really popular until the mid-nineties.


I’d look at it more like unresponsive yoyoing is like a normal yoyo with a bearing. :smile:

Fixed axle is a solid non moving axle.

(Tim) #113

Thanks guys! =)


Not sure, I’ll try to weigh them when I get a minute. My Gold Currier is 56-58g I believe. It was a weight range that I was looking for.

(Spinworthy Glen) #115

I’ll be in my garage all day for Fixed axle Friday turning Harbingers for a store order. Made a few puplehearts, now onto Australian sheoak.


My yoyos:

2018 eH maple - 55g
Maple Sullivan - 63g
Maple take apart Currier - 55g

(Spinworthy Glen) #117

63g is very heavy for a maple yoyo.


I was actually shocked, it doesn’t play that heavy. Thought it was in the mid to upper 50’s. Actually, someone asked me a year or so ago about various weights of my fixed axle collection and most of my maples were mid 50’s or higher.

I’ve got a couple No Jives that are in the upper 40’s, but most of those are low/mid 50’s as well.

(Spinworthy Glen) #119

I quite like heavier fixed axle yoyos. That Harbinger in the picture above weights about 67g. I was just surprised that an maple yoyo with no metal parts would weigh that much.


Whenever my Ballsy gets here, it will be that next Friday’s fixed axle throw!

(Gethin) #121

Kicking it off with my plastic from @Glenacius_K will probably throw in my Duncan butterfly later today