Best current wooden yoyo

I had a sweet, heavy, laminated, wooden butterfly years ago that could genuinely trick, but I dropped it broke the axle. I can’t find anything like it out there. I bought the Legend, but it lacks the heft of my old one.
Is there an all-wood yoyo out there with enough serious weight and polish to throw mad tricks?


You basically have to scoure the second hand market and look for New Old Stock (NOS) or gamble on vintage. Custom woods are a thing now with a handful of turners and Im sure they’ll chime in. Here is a BC Apollo currently on the auction site.

You mighy like these threads to see what people have been playing.


I may have some new wood yo-yos finished in the next week or so.


Wow, I think an Apollo is what I’m trying to replace!
I’ll check the links, thanks!


Awesome. I’ve been looking at Etsy and have been disappointed.

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