Wood is Good

Yeah, I’ve got a few. My favorite is one made from cherry, which is very dense. Just a traditional shape, good for stalls but a little heavy for looping.

I looked up the Woodchuck yoyos, those look great! Very similar profiles to the Irving by the looks of it.

The woodchucks look fantastic! Are they a take apart design?


That’s a deal breaker for me. Butterfly shapes should be take apart for me. I knot all the time.

I might get all three wether they are take apart or not.

I have some wood, looking to get more, maybe try TMBR.

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it’s ok.  :slight_smile:


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Holy cow. I’m jealous of those No Jives. Can anyone tell me how that one piece No Jive compares to the 3-in-1? I don’t imagine that there are a huge number of differences except weight?

First, the obligatory acknowledgement of how great Ed is. Because it’s just a truism at this point.

Just got a couple of No-Jives and I’m addicted. Had one back in the day but didn’t really understand its greatness. Spending about 80% of my yoyo time with them right now. Stalls are FUN. I’ve got a Fremont and a couple of Sleep Machines, too, but they didn’t grab me the way the No-Jives have. Definitely looking forward to ordering a few more TMBRs in the future.

We need a small wood yoyo team.

I have a No Jive - but just can’t seem to get it set up the way I’d like it to play, and struggling to tune it so it’s relatively wobble free.

Currently rocking a Russell Ellipse (plastic with wood axle) from the 1970s, fantastic little yoyo.

Of course, I’d still love to get my hands on something turned by Eric Wolff.

u gotta keep rotating the nuts till u find the placing where its the “least” wobbly. its never 100% wobble free. i got 2 no jives man, ones wobbly and the other is really smooth, u never know.

my fav right now is the tmbr lovejoy, it spins really long and is also good for stalls… lookin fwd to trying the baldwin one day as well.

I plan on picking up a lovejoy and a baldwin ASAP.

Ok, I got it…thanks to this thread, My Lovejoy is in the mail, on the way to my house. Lookin’ forward to my 1st “woodie”!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a new one. They’re out of production. There might still be some left on the Tom Kuhn web site.

I’ll post a photo review of the Baldwin when it arrives. I’ve never done any string tricks with a fixed axle butterfly so this should be very interesting…and painful. :wink:

Oh so painful!

Just got my paycheck and have $100 extra to spend. I’m thinking wood…

Hey where is everyone finding tutorials for string tricks? I’d love to learn some stalls.