TMBR Turner Eats string?


Hey! My TMBR Turner (that I got in a trade today) ate and snapped 2 cotton strings today… I don’t know why, but it sure is annoying. Do all of them do this, or is there something wrong with mine? I love it and I want to use it alot, but i’m scared i’m gunna hurt it when it flies off the string after the string snaps.


Or, like, do all fixed axle throws do this? Do I just need better strings?


You should try and see if there’s any sharp or prices that are rough and damaging the string. You should be fine with the normal cotton strings your using.

Roughly how long would you say a string lasts??


Have you played fixed axle before this?


Butterflies and a homemade wooden one that broke. Not really, but I know how to do basic stalls and playing around.


Well one lasted maybe 15 minutes of play, the other one maybe a half hour.


Dang, they should last longer then that. Where exactly is the string breaking at?


Right in the middle of the loop at the bottom.


Hmm… That’s where they would normally break but not that quick. Is that throw one that can be taken apart?



This is what the axle looks like. The little indent is right where the strings goes when you play. IDK if that’s supposed to be there or not.


It’s not playing within normal parameters at all.

Back out with your camera a bit and take another in-focus photo. :wink: If I’m seeing what I think I’m seeing, that kind of indent is a sign that your axle is burned in! That shouldn’t necessarily cause string breaking, but it’s not the intended design. I would consider a new axle sleeve. You should be able to get them here or at TMBR’s site.

If you have an insanely hard throw or a wonky string, you can theoretically break a cotton string on the first throw, but if it happens over and over again within 15 minutes to 30 minutes, something’s off. Even people with hard throws seem to make a cotton string last for an hour or so of continuous play (mine last much longer).


Awww I guess I’ll put it as a want on my BST, but I have no money and I never will to buy one :(. Well, I guess I’ll play out all my cotton strings.


Yeah, I think k GregP is right. Something good isn’t right. Like he said, get an axle sleeve and then go from there. That should actually solve the problem.


I can’t find the axle “sleeve” on YYE or TMBR. Would I just have to buy the axle pack?


Yeah, they only sell them in the 4 pack.


Ok. I’m gunna put them as a want on my BST. Maybe people have extra that they’ll trade me.

But I don’t even know how to change the axles, so I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. Do I need a special tool?


No special tool required. Just hold the axle sleeve firmly and pull it off the axle. If it doesn’t want to come off give it a twist while pulling.

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If that doesn’t work I’d use pliers since you have concluded that it’s broke, and if you want to save the axle put something around the pliers(like an old rag or electrical tape). They also sell a tool i think ( not sure if it would work for this though since I don’t own a TMBR or the tool.


Hey just an idea- May be really stupid because IDK what I’m talking about- Is it possible to just take it out and put it in backwards so the bad burned part is out of the way on the other side.


The same part of the sleeve will still be exposed even if you turn it around.