My 201 eats string D:

I’ve had my YYF Fast for about a week now and it’s already worn through two strings, the one it came on and a spair I took from my YYF Spinstar (i got 2-3 day before). I’m relativly new to yoyo’s and I’m not sure if this is the norm but is there a way to make the string last longer?

I plan on taking the starburst (i think that what it’s called lol) out and replacing it with a latex ring anyway, those teeth look nasty.

yes this is normal.

Buy spare string and change string often.

I wear through a string in a matter of 20 minutes or so. (not breaking)
Though you can use it longer when you are new and don’t care how it feels. Eventually you will understand and do the same.

Like Brad0war says, buy extra string. you can order it from this store. YYE white pole is the ticket but if you like color there are many colors to choose from.

Sounds like a personal problem if you asked me buddy.

i do find that when i sleep the yoyo leans to one side, could this be a problem?

No it’s just what the 201 does.

The Active Starburst on the 201 is certainly a lot harder on string then other response systems. However if you use the adjustable gap and have it set to a wider gap and use 100% Poly string, you’ll find the string will last a fair deal longer. Also make sure you have clean hands when handling your string, and if possible avoid humid areas.

There are plenty of ways to “mod” your 201 to lesson the Active Starbursts wear on string. A lot of people have removed every other prong. One guy I knew removed one side completely. Don’t know how effective that was, but he liked it. I’ve also known people to just put a response sticker over the Active Starburst, like Duncan Silicone Stickers.

Your best bet may just be to move on to another Yo-Yo. Don’t get me wrong, my 201s are still a lot of fun for me. But they’re by no means going to carry you far.

when i sleep, usually i am not yoyoing. i am usually lying down and it is hard to yoyo while doing that.

lol i know what you mean. i had the fast 201. at the time, i thought it was so awesome, but now it is probably my least favorite yoyo. i dont know how you will replace the starburst with latex, but it sounds interesting. if you have a lathe, you could just silicone it

I don’t think lathing the 201 is a good idea. With the holes for the active starburst, I would suspect it would fracture or crack the halves. You’d have to be extremely careful, if it were possible at all. Hm… however you could probably file down the tips of the starbursts to make them softer on the string. If you didn’t want to use a sticker.