Help me out? (A bit of 2A trouble)

Hey guys! I recently aquired a pair of Duncan Hornets in a trade, and Sean Perez set them up for me. I have some experience in 2A, but I haven’t had this problem. When I replace the strings on my Hornets, all is well for responsiveness, buy after some play, I find them getting more and more unresponsive. It’s not string tension, and I suspected the bearing may need to be lubed, but it is strange that a new string temporarily fixes the problem. I really want to get into 2A, as I can already loop with both hands, but I really would like to fix this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

What string are you using? I’ve had good luck with slick 8 or 6. I think poly is generally not as good as far as response goes.

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Thanks for the reply! I am currently using Toxic Strings Prime. I just ordered some Duncan Looping lube, and slick 6 string. I’ll let you know if I am still having problems after I try them out. Thanks!

New strings are “fatter” than the old ones, then gradually gets stretched and worn, hence the unresponsiveness. I use 100% poly fat, pre-stretched them before using for more consistency.
Generally I wouldn’t recommend changing the string to a different brand/thickness/length, unless you know what to expect. Because looping yoyos are sensitive to setup changes, changing something could make it play differently.

You could try narrowing the gap just very slightly for the string you are using, or use fatter string, or use longer string to compensate. In a good setup, there should be some “drop” when the yoyo is at the end of the string. It should be far enough to keep the yoyo to be able to sleep and return ONLY when you want it (if sometimes it returns by itself then it’s too tight), but the drop should be small enough to make looping comfortable and consistent.

One thing about looping, the hardest part when setting up the yoyo is, to know whether it’s your lack of skill that caused the yoyo not to loop properly, or is it the setup. Keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to “lock” the setup, making the yoyo nearly impossible to sleep.

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Says someone who didn’t throw before “slick 6” was invented…

Great tips. It’s hard to adjust the hornet, because it is just changing spacers, but great tips on the string length and responsiveness.

Nah, sorry for my English, I mean when wearing out, the string will gradually become thinner and thinner, not in “new production strings are fatter than what it was back then”. Or do you mean slick 6 don’t get thinner after use?
I didn’t know when the slick 6 was invented, if it makes a difference I did throw since 1996 when I was like 5-6 y.o, only been really into it in the last 7 years.

Ahh gotcha, sorry for the misunderstanding :slight_smile: