Newbie help


I got my first YoYo yesterday (Duncan Butterfly) and i can do the sleeper :Dyay me

But what i struggle with is how to make the YoYo rise back up the string i just bounce it
and nothing happens sometimes it does it but i dunno the theory behind it.



When I was new, and I got a butterfly, I was wondering the same thing. I think you may have this problem because depending on how much speed and spin you put on it, the easier It’ll come up. If you want to make it come up every time, I suggest wrapping the loop of the string (the part that goes around the axle) on the axle two times. It may slightly decrease your spin time, but it should be good.

How do i do that

Try twisting the string near the yo-yo to make the axle loop a little tighter. Just don’t make it too tight or you won’t be able to get the yo-yo to sleep.

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Maybe this will help. Each string has multiple threads, but they are intertwined to make 2 bunches spiralling around eachother. Now if you untwist the end of the string, not where it goes on your finger, you will see just one string, a loop. This is the part you put on the bearing. Now to make it more responsive, you want to double this loop over, and then put it on the bearing. If you do it correctly, your yoyo will be more responsive. Its is tough to describe the actually doubling of the loop without a diagram, but I believe it will become apparent after you experiment

Happy yoyoing!