Newbieee sleeper

Hi all,

I’ve already read tons of posts but i thought i should post my specific questions here. I have a Duncan Butterfly, and I am not able to throw a good sleeper. It works one time and the yoyo sleeps for like 10 seconds, then it flips on its side. then after trying for like 5 times, the yoyo stops sleeping, I think the string gets too tight. It’s a new yoyo and i haven’t tweaked anything, so i was just wondering am I throwing wrong? or it just needs time to master a good sleeper. i have watched many sleeper videos and I don’t see where I am going wrong. As for the tight string, is it normal to re-loosen it after 5 throws every time? Thanks for the help, and sorry for not using more technical terms :-\

im not sure what the sleep times on that yoyo are like! iv heard they are not so good! youll probably hear this of every one that post, just keep practicing! i had a horrid throw at first, i only used to get 30-40seconds out of my Dark Magic yoyo when others were gettin like 3 mins! so just keep at it! aside from that get a new yoyo! lol as for the sting tension, what string are you using?

it’s a duncan string that came with the yoyo.

Forgot to mention the obvious, it is a Duncan Butterfly yoyo with fixed axle.

its prob 100% cotton then! yeah i will tense up quickly! and yeah id get a yoyo with a ball bearing, fix axle yoyos have bad sleep times! but untill you get a new one just keep practicing straight strong throw!

why would they sell a butterfly shaped fixed axle hard to sleep yoyo. i know it’s cheap. but its useless for string tricks then!

Getting 10 seconds out of a fixed axle is actually not bad.  If you don’t have a ball bearing yoyo yet, I recommend that you upgrade to a YoYoJam Kickside.

It’s an excellent yoyo for learning tricks and for perfecting sleep times!

You also might want to get some better string, either 50/50 or 100% polyester.

No need. Scroll down the page, and there are bulk amounts of string there  :wink:

Oops, I didn’t see that. Thanks.

They sell it because there are many Yo-Yo collectors out there and the price isnt that high so people can easily afford that.

But as mentioned you cant get a good sleeper with it cause it has a fixed axle. 10 secs are not bad for that. You should get a transaxle (where the axle is moveable) or even better a ball bearing Yo-Yo (where there is a bearing in the gap of the Yo-Yo that moves).

If you decide getting a ball bearing Yo-Yo which i highly advice you you should either buy a Kickside or a Lyn Fury (about 15$)(if you dont know how to bind) or a Legacy or Velocity (about 20-25$)(If you know how to bind).

Hope that helps ^^

a BIG factor of sleeping a yoyo is also string tension. No matter what axle you use the same rules of physics apply. If your string tension is too tight, your yoyo will try to turn counter-clockwise and slowly lean to the left. If it is too loose, the opposite happens. I’d recommend a mosquito as a good starter for beginners. You can usually find those locally and their affordable, moddable and fun.

ok guys thanks. I just ordered a Velocity. I’m not a binding expert for sure but with adjustable response i think it is a good choice for beginners until they master binding techniques.

good choice. practice the thumb or snap starting a yoyo so you don’t have to wind it. Winding while on your finger will twist up the string and cause binding.

GET A NEW YO-YO! butterfly is from the dollar store I think. No ball bearing. My suggestion is new yo yo.

Why don’t you get a new yoyo? At least a Duncan Speed Beatle.

Why waste money on a Speed Beetle when you can save up for a little more for a Journey or something along those lines.

Good point. Wish I thought of that. Lol. Mabye he likes Duncans?

don’t care about Duncans. I just received the Velocity today and I snapped the string from forward passing it for 1 hour :(. Anyways i ordered a pack of 100% polyester strings. I put the response on like 1/4, I figured low response would be more challenging and forces me to learn some new stuff. I am getting around 30 secs sleep time with the stock string. You think it’s fine?

Yes, I think thats good for now. Congrats on the Velocity, I hope you can continue progressing! :wink:

i had the same problem with my butterfly and i have to loosen the string tension alot and it sleeps 4 about 20 secons and it does that 4 about 8 throws