sleeper impossible

I just got a slight upgrade from a Duncan imperial to a duncan wheels yoyo, but I can’t do a sleeper at all. I know I need a better one, but this’ll be it for now. Anyway, my question is how to do a sleeper. I searched, but most people just asked why it tilted to the side. I just want to know how to do it at all. I looked on YouTube and around other forums, but all they say is to throw it normally but flick it and use your forearm, all the while not turning over your hand. I did that, but it just made the throw harder. I read that sometimes you need to adjust the loop around the yoyo, but my yoyo doesn’t unscrew. Could this also be it?

Thanks for reading… Kind of long but I really need help.

It looks like your doing the sleeper right. I have a Duncan Butterfly and it won’t sleep. I think It’s how the string was put on the yoyo. I suggest getting a ball bearing yoyo. It looks like your on a low budget and are a beginner , so I suggest getting a Duncan Mosquito or another cheap ball bearing yoyo at a local toys r us. If you can get 40 bucks then get a dark magic2.

Ya, I would look for a Peterfish yoyo, they are pretty good. Also if you do get money, I would go for the whip instead(SOld Here: And if you use that and like the sport then get a Dark magic(Sold here:

Even with my mad skillz, I can only get the Duncan imperial to sleep for about 8-10 sec max.

Still, if you haven’t seen Andre tell you how to do the sleeper, its worth looking into.

String tension is super important on fixed axles. You may already know this but letting the yo untwist counter clockwise, loosens the string and helps the yo sleep. Twist the string clockwise to tighten it.

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That’s an expert answer, skitrz. String tension is incredibly important - and moreso with a fixed axle yoyo. You’ll also find that the more you throw, the more your throw will straighten, and the harder you’ll be able to throw, which will result in more sleep time. Keep at it, meh217!

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Also, don’t throw the yoyo straight down - it will bounce right up again.

Instead, throw the yoyo out in front of you. Aim for a spot a couple of feet in front of you, and then let the yoyo swing back to your feet in an arc.

This gives it a bit of a cushion instead of throwing straight down.

Good advice.

One way or the other cushion the landing.

For learning how to make a yoyo sleep, any beginner yoyos wouldn’t be a very good choice. Try getting a slightly more advanced yoyo. That should make it a lot easier.

Lol, yeah, get a modern unresponsive yoyo and you won’t have a choice, it will sleep.

Any yoyo, even a cheap crappy yoyo is ok to learn the basics on (as long as the string isn’t actually tied on). Keep going with what you’ve got and progress at a rate that keeps you happy.

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I would argue that just because a yoyo is cheap or a fixed axle, it doesn’t necessarily make it a crappy yoyo. Many cheap, fixed axle yoyos are limited more by the player than by any other factor. I like many cheap fixed axles, especially wooden yoyos.

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I started learning trapeze on a wooden imperial. :smiley:

I was so excited.

Now I can do that behind my back, with my eyes close, and many other things. :smiley:


I suggest getting a better yoyo, if you dont want to get that’s to pricey  consider  these. These are what i used when i started throwing.

You can do sleepers with them you just have to keep your wrists/arms still (After the release) or else it’ll come back up.

But if you want one that’ll sleep long get one with a ball bearing I’d suggest these.



YoYoFactory: (Get the one with the extra bearing.)

And if you want to dive in the deep end and go for an Unresponsive Yo-Yo get one of these…

i have the wheelz yoyo it dose not sleep at all… im sorry but that is not what is meant to do, but if you have 15$ you might be able to get the F.A.S.T 201 it is made by yo yo factory and it is good for beginners… it is what i learned on…i dont recommend it for intermediate/advanced but is is good to start learning string tricks, or if you got a little more $$$, yomega makes a good aluminum yo yo called the maverick i use it now and im about to upgrade to Dark magic 2, but the maverick is about 30$+s&h. bul like i said… ur not going to get a good sleeper from the wheelz… or any non ball bearing yo yo, hope i helped