Butterfly yoyo won't sleep

if you haven’t read the last post, I am VERY new to yoyoing and have been having a lot of trouble trying to get my yoyos to sleep. I started off with a loop 720, but was reccomended to try a butterfly yoyo since they’re meant for sleeping, so I got one (from Duncan(?)). I still haven’t gotten it to sleep even once though, so now I’m even more confused. It’s brand new so the bearings should be cleaned, I haven’t lubed them (I only have thick lube) yet because I heard it made them more responsive, which makes it harder to sleep. The previous yoyo I had also had two bearings, but this one only had one already in the yoyo along with an extra screw and bearing so I am pretty confused (it also did not come with a tutorial to my knowledge). As mentioned before my string is a polyester/cotton mix and is only wrapped around the yoyo once (I also couldn’t get the string on without taking the sides apart, unlike the previous yoyo), so I don’t really get how I could make the yoyo any easier to sleep. I’ve tried throwing it all sorts of ways with varying amounts of force and have had no luck at all. Do I have the yoyo set up incorrectly? Any sort of advice or help would be seriously appreciated right now


Please post a picture of the yoyo you are talking about.


Send a picture of the Yoyo. It sounds like you have a butterfly xt (has a bearing) and not a butterfly (no bearing). Try to not throw it at all and literally just hold your hand out and drop it. Don’t move your hand during this test.

Also sorry to hear that you’re having problems that sounds annoying! We will do our best here to help.


You are probably throwing the yoyo wrong. Both of those yoyos should be able to sleep, almost any yoyo can. I dont think i can think of onw that cant actually.

There are some great beginner videos on youtube. Dont give up! Im learning too so i was there where you are literally not that long ago.

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