Hey, anybody does looping with 2 yo-yos? I like 1A style but wanna try 2A so what you can rccomend(what kinds of yo yos)?


Personally I recommend the Sunset Trajectory from YoYoJam.
It works great out of the box and the adjustable gap makes it easy to tune.  Great for learning looping tricks on:
They were actually used by Joseph Harris in his winning freestyle at the 2008 National Yo-Yo Contest:

Another great choice that is not yet sold here would be the Loop 720’s by YoYoFactory.

Let us know if you have anymore questions!  :slight_smile:

Thank you very much now i’ll certanly try this style=)

hello there, im a player from the philippines, and an advocate of 2A… :slight_smile:

i’ve been playing 2A since 2004, and i would recommend using sunse t trajectories… it loops good out of the box and spins long enough to do wrap tricks,

it’s also newbie friendly…

that’s what i’m going to use in this years upcoming national yoyo contest here in the philippines…

hope it helps ;D

All the best for the contest! I also have a trajectorie and i am looking forward to play with 2 of these! I learned loops with a Yomega fireball (actually two, because I broke the first :D)

thanks man!

our national yoyo championship just ended this day, and, good news! i got 1st place in 2A division! :smiley:

i’m so happy, haha, and i got a new pair of sunset trajectory NXG for winning! :wink:

keep on looping man…

keep it up… :wink:

Good job Kyle! Do you have a youtube or vimeo vid of your freestyle?

I am advanced in 2A, and from all my experience, raiders (the normal ones) are he best

i think the videos of our national yoyo contest will be posted soon on youtube, i watched my video a while ago, it’s a bit ok, hehehe, try searching on youtube about philippine national yoyo contest… or something like that, hope you’ll see it soon :slight_smile:

actually i would say raiders, modded ones, are the best 2A yoyo’s to use, but i liked the sunsets because it plays good out of the box, and i think, yoyoing is always about user preference… :wink:

whatever yoyo you like for your playstyle, pick it, :wink:

i’m working hard to be in advance play of 2A, i can do little wraps only, it’s really hard to learn those complicated wrap tricks, but i know that with practice, i can do it… ;D

I’m just now trying looping and iv found that a custom yo axl with flush silicone response system modd is great for me. the sunset is great to. later and remember keep it spinning.