Hi, Im Matej… Im very new to yoyos, even I started yoyoing in third grade with a "dead" yoyo... Im from Croatia, that country is close to Italy if somebody didnt know Im going to get my first yoyo in January from my aunt in USA, so please you pros who have already buyed hundred of yoyos can you recommend me something that is something about 20$ and Its good…
Im interested in looping and string equaly so I dont know where to start…

So you pros out there help me out willya???
And yes, can a modified shape (like YYJ Sunset Trajectory)
do string tricks like a butterfly shaped yoyo (like F.A.S.T. 201)

Yes, a modified shape can do string tricks, as well as imperials, but they’re much tougher with these shapes due to the narrow string landing surface.

Ape be more clear like the dude is new so yeah
the Answer to ur question is yeas but not as good like a fast 2.0.1 is not the best thing for professional string tricks if u want a yoyo that is good for string strings and for around 20 $ get a YYJ Legacy for 22.50 $ and if u want a looping yoyo gt a pair of sunsets :wink:

TNX guyz… I`m ordering YYJ Sunset Trajectory (one), and about the other I will see when I get into It…
And can you recommend me some strings and what string is the best to have?

All of them will work well. It’s all a matter of preference. You might want to just try out a few different types by getting some 5-packs.

for looping, go with 100%, for 1a, go with Polliester 100%, or 50/50 is good for either.

In your price range, the YoYoJam Journey is a good choice. Approx $15: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/5/YYJ-Journey

String, slick 8 50/50 (poly/cotton) is good. Slick 6 50/50 is good too, but the type 8 will cut into your finger less as you learn.