Cheap Duncan Imperial Looper?

Okay, so I’ve suddenly gained an acute interest for looping, having a difficult time finding a pair or even a single looper to work with, so i figured I’d try and get a cheap duncan imperial yoyo from walmart in a day or two maybe. Was wondering if those are even worth attempting to start on practicing with. I’m nothing short of a newbie in looping, other than attempting to loop with my dingo occasionally when I happen to catch a string snag,lol.

i dont have imperials, but i think u should try a yyf firedog

I’m not the best looper by all means, I’m actually starting to get my feet wet in this style of play myself without investing too much in it. I can do basic loops quite well with only my right hand. But here we go about the Imperial: the Imperials are ok for looping, not the best as the gap’s a bit wide. Response feels kind of slippy too. If you want to try looping out but don’t want to shell out the cash, either check out the Duncan Limelights which are a Duncan Pulse with a wood axle (Your Wal-Mart may or may not carry these, I found a second one I was after for a while in a bargain bin today. They look really cool in the dark), or venture elsewhere and check out the Pro-Yo which are also relatively cheap and excellent loopers. Not sure if you have a Sport Chalet store in your vicinity but that’s where I was able to find mine without ordering online.

the imperial is rather outdated for the times, for a few bucks more, there are better loopers, its up to you of course but the speed beetle or even the bumblebee blow away the imperial, the pulse has a wider gap than the beetle though. if u want to loop with satisfaction, you have to spend more. not much more, just more

good luck-

same here the proyo is a great looping yoyo you should try it :smiley:

Imperials are pretty good if you swap the metal axle for a wooden one made out of a bit of dowel, I can’t remember what size but any hardware store should have some.

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you can go online and buy a pair of YYF loop 900. it is so far one of the best looping yoyos in the world.
there is also a YYJ Sunset Trajectory which is also very good in looping.
But the only good looping yoyo you will find in stores (non-online) will be the Yomega Raider.

Good luck finding any loop900’s at the moment? So far nothing out other than the much expected release of them sometime at the end of this month. Yeah, I managed to get my friends SJ’s and so I’m throwing them around. Thanks.

I’m waiting for the release of the Loop 900’s as well. No since buying the older model when a new one is about to come out that is supposed to be revolutionary… I’ve always used raiders and modified raiders with plastic spacers etc. I used to use hyperwarps, but decided that they were too heavy and made my fingers really sore.