cheap looper

(G5 Warrior) #1

anybody know of a good cheap looper like 2$ and under?because i am going to teach my little bro’s cub scout troop how to yoyo.thanks


Duncan Imperial?


or Firedog (4 dollars).

(SR) #4

Not many to choose from in your price range. Are you looking to teach him looping or 1A (string tricks?) If you want begginer string tricks, pick up a Yomega brain. Best choice. If you want to tech him looping, get a speed beetle.

(Mark) #5

Yeah Duncan Imperial or Firedog. You might be able to talk to Duncan about a deal to get them in bulk for a camp and maybe they will discount it.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #6

Imperials would work great.


I would personally recommend Brains because from the beginning they can kind of get it back to their hand with that.

(SR) #8

Brains are good fo looping also.