imperials arent all that bad


yesterday i was on my way home from angels and demons(wich is freakin awsome :o) and i stopped at walmart to get some duncan imperials as a cheap begginer to 2a and i found out that they were actually pretty good yoyos! well i guess thay are only good enough for getting the basic double hand loops down. it was funny today though because i brought them to school today and my woodshop teach started playing with one. i was laughing because i could show him up even though it was a toy he grew up with ;D

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Haha. See, Imperials are awesome! ;D


They are the classic that most people start with. I’ve got two. One of them I got in the latest part of the 80’s. And so of course I’m rather attached to it.


Lol,I just did the exact same thing.Imperials are very good loopers.

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It was my first yoyo too!


They are great but I believe the Duncan ProYo has smoother loops.


Lots of throws out there have better loops, God granted.

We’re talkin’ Imperials, though. ;D


I started with a imperial. Now I thank they are just a chunk of plastic. Good to start with though.Later.

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I have used a few diffrent loopers and my faveroite is the old school Imperal I love how it feels, second is the Humming Bird that I had in Jr. High I loved that yo and have been on the hunt for one ever since I started yo-yoing agin, third is one I just got Black Mamba way too much fun for an auto return.

Ps If any one has an old Humming Bird that is the one piece not the lamanit let me know, I want my first throw agin.