Two Duncan Imperials

Should I pick out these 2 purple Duncans’ that are on the rack and ask for them at my local CVS drug store in Fairhaven, MA? They weren’t marked with a price and I couldn’t find the price checking scanner in the short time I saw them in the store and knew I would be back to make a purchase and would pick them up then; if I should. I ask you all in the community do I need some “Imperials”? I had some before but I am pretty sure they came from the dollar store where they had some blue butterflys. I want to say these things will only serve a purpose of some throw-down and forward pass two hand play I just throw these and repeat td, td, fp, td, fp, fp, td, fp; which the yo-yo’s I use for this now are The Duncan Limelight and a Razor Pocket Pros Blue. Is this a can’t miss at the local shop? or just pass it by to save them for the next gal/guy?

I have a couple of those. They got me back into yoyoing.

I don’t really throw them anymore though. They could be useful for practicing 2A stuff; if you can do the trick with 2 Duncan imperials, you can do the trick with anything!

I pretty much throw my loop 808s for that though. They’re far superior.

I’d say pass unless they’re really cheap or you really want them. Maybe they could turn into pretty cool gifts?

Do you need it? It’d be hard to give an unqualified “yes” answer to that.

That said, you can do a lot with Imperials. For example,

By contemporary standards, the Imperial is a pretty limiting yoyo. But there’s more than one way to think about the limitations of a yoyo. On the one hand, it’s next to impossible to do something like Rancid Milk on an Imperial. On the other hand, the limits the yoyo sets can be used creatively, which is exactly what Drew is doing in the video - turning what we might experience as limits into creative possibilities.

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