I was looking for a beginner LOOPING yoyo considering that I am an intermediate without “loop the loop”. I saw the Proyo it says on the package (at the store): “good yoyo for looping from beginners to advance” :slight_smile: but on the yoyo expert web store it says that it is a yoyo for basic tricks so not going to expert tricks :(. If some of you can give your review on this yoyo it would be very appreciate!

Thanks in advance!


Get the Pro Z and thick lube.

Or the Fireball


read my article
“around the world”
You can see that I don’t have a lot of choice :slight_smile:


Oh god no… If you want a good looper to start on under $10 get the loop 360… The loop 808 is even better for $12, what’s your price range? If you can go a little above that the yyj unleashed are amazing loopers


The thing is that I only have 1 choice (yet) since I’m in London and I cannot order one because I’m only staying there one week and it also costs like 50 bucks to deliver to London. I’ll be traveling around the world for 11 months. So the only choice I have is the Proyo unless someone knows a yoyo store in London or Oxford
Thank you :). :globe_with_meridians:


Proyos are fine for looping. Since they are fixed axle, you won’t get much sleep time with them, so they probably won’t be able to handle the advanced 2A tricks that require sleeping. However, just learning to do loops and hops consistently with both hands is a big commitment, and there is also plenty of advanced stuff you can do based around those basics that Proyos could handle. Two-handed loops and milk the cows are themselves pretty advanced for most players, and there are lots of interesting ways to mix up those elements into more advanced tricks. So I would say go for the Proyos if you want to learn to loop, and they should keep you occupied for a long time. Many players never outgrow the 2A skills you can do with Proyos, and if you do, you’ll have built up a pretty impressive skill set.


Thank you very much! :smiley:


Lol, Loop808 is a Loop360 with Alex Garcia’s name on it.