Proyo II


Is ProYo II good for its price? Its very cheap… And how about the ‘Worlds Longest Spinning Fixed Axle Yo Yo’ claim? My bro is deciding whether to get 1 for his 1st yoyo. he is at Beginner level and thats the cheapest ‘good (So it claims)’ yoyo in my area. He wants a cheap yoyo around that price. Other recommendations are welcome :slight_smile:

(ed) #2

proyos are WONDERFUL yo-yo’s.

but they’re not easy. they won’t make you look ‘pro’ right after you get them. more like ‘only a pro can make em look really good’! great loopers and they sleep terrific for a $5 wood axle. they are NOT the best sleeping fixed axles by a longshot, but who cares? they’re so cheap, get a pair and start on 2a.

honestly, though i’m all about playing fixed axle, a proyo isn’t what i’d recommend for a beginner yo-yo. i’d suggest a fast 201, or some other responsive bearing butterfly yo-yo that will give you a better learning curve. the proyo is a GREAT yo-yo, but it can be frustrating to some people, especially for string tricks.

you won’t go wrong with it, but if your bro is easily frustrated, he might not stick with yo-yoing long using a proyo.


Ok, let me clear just a couple of things up for the sake of simplicity.

If your bro is looking to get into looping, some rather elaborate and fast string “tricks” (they’re much more akin to string “catches”), and all the “old school” stuff (UFO, Skin the Cat, etc.), then the ProYo is a great choice. A Flying Camel is also money.

This is called whatever you want to call it. This is NOT 2A. 2A, by it’s very definition, requires the use of two looping throws. (So get a pair of ProYos. ;D)

If your bro is looking to get into most of the fancy string tricks seen on this site’s video learning pages (Ladder Escape, Plan D, Suicides, Whips, GT stuff, you get the idea), then you need to be looking at a bearing-axle yo-yo. Most people refer to this as a “modern yo-yo” and whereas this may be true, I find the term a bit pejorative.

This is known as 1A. “New School” if you must. This is probably the most common form of yo-yoing in practice, and most of the people you come across are going to be participants in this style.

The claim that the ProYo is the “world’s longest spinning fixed axle” might still be true. I don’t know, as the ProYo has been out for a good number of years now. I can tell you that “world’s longest spin” and “fixed axle” are subjective at best. What I’m trying to say is don’t expect a lot of sleep out of it. At all. Not without tons and tons of practice.

Don’t get this twisted. I’m not trying to put anyone off looping play. It’s more of an art form than a style of play, IMHO. I just want people to make sure what they want to get into, and understand that it takes a phenomenal amount of dedication.

Edit: You may want to have a look at Ed Haponik’s (the guy who posted right above me) video pages. Ed is cool for at least two reasons…

  1. He throws around the old school wood. Rather well.
  2. He has been seen, on camera, sporting an Operation Ivy shirt.

Can’t promise you that you’ll see some old school vids on his sites, but I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t, so take a look.

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a proyo hasn’t held a sleeping record since 1991… and that was a proyo 1.
i’ve never heard of a proyo breaking even a minute. there’s no validity to that claim.

thx! :slight_smile: this is over 2 years old, but i guess it’s relevant to the topic.

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Really Nice Vid!


My Proyo II had this on the package

I just threw it an hour ago and it’s still spinning

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Very difficult to transition to after the excessive pampering of modern, bearing, wing-shapes.


It is mostly of historical interest. One (looks like old dead stock from a defunct toy store) popped up in an intriguing lot of yo-yos on eBay so that’s how I got it.