good second yoyo?

I just got into yoyoing a few weeks ago when I found an old duncan profly. I can do about half of the tricks in the fixed axle section, but I want to try the different styles of yoyo. Which yoyo would be a good beginner yoyo to try out all the different styles on?

Most any of the midrange priced string trick yoyos ($35-$55) would work just fine.

If you want to try all the style you are going to need to buy many yoyos. 5 yoyos technically.

I would personally pick up a replay pro and start with that (1A string tricks gets you the skills for many of the other types of yoyoing). Price is under $20 and can do most tricks you throw at it.

The Replay Pro and the Shutter are great yoyos to start with.

You beat me to it. Great advice. ;D For responsive play get a Replay, for unresponsive get a Replay Pro. The Shutter was my first aluminum yoyo and it’s still one of my favorites.

I picked up a replay Pro several weeks into my yoyo experience. Several weeks later I am the only thing holding myself back. The replay Pro was a great buy for a player looking to learn tricks.

I’ll recommend the Shutter as well. It was my first metal yoyo and I still enjoy throwing it today.

Another idea is the Velocity. It is what I used to make the move to 1A. You can dial it between responsive and unresponsive and it’s about $20 out of pocket.