Starter Yo-yo


My little brother wanted to start practicing 1a tricks and i was wondering what would be a good starter Yoyo for him
He is 10 yrs old
Already knows how to throw a strong sleeper and knows majority of the picture tricks.

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YYF Replay Pro is probably the cheapest quality option if he wants to jump right into unresponsive. If not you could just get the regular Replay and when he’s ready for unresponsive just let him use one of your bearings


I’d go with the Skyva for unresponsive starter because that’ll do just about everything you need, including fingerspins (which the replay pro can’t do, and frankly the Skyva feels more high quality than the replay to me at least)

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T


Heavily considering getting him a regular replay I have a replay pro and I’ve let him throw it a few time and he handles it well so there is a 90% chance I’ll get that for him but I’m just waiting for a few more options

From Nexus 6P


YYF Velocity


my only concern with the velocity is there is a lot more center weight than rim weight. I love the ability to take the same yoyo and change it from responsive to unresponsive by turning the dial, but, I think a dedicated tool will do each job better. That said, we have a Velocity, both my son and I can do just about any trick we can do on the Velocity. I’ve seen YYF pros do amazing things with the Velocity…but, I’m sure they could do amazing things with almost any playable modern yoyo.

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It does train you to execute your tricks more cleanly, however. Some of the best pros learned on FHZ’s and Dark Magic’s-those things have high walls and aren’t very stable compared to todays standards, but they’re very rewarding.

Replay’s great though.


At our local yoyo club we tend to recommend the Velocity because it can be both responsive and unresponsive. However, like many tools which try to do many jobs, it tends not to do any job really well. I found the velocity to be a good starter yoyo which I grew out of quite quickly.

If you’re sure you want to jump right to a non-responsive yoyo then I think the Replay Pro or Skyva are both good suggestions. But remember, this is for a beginner so starting with a non-responsive yoyo could be really frustrating.

It may very well be that the Velocity is still the best starting yoyo. Just realize that as his skill set grows he will outgrow the Velocity. And that’s fine, that’s why there are so many yoyos to choose from.


Replay Pro, Onestar, Skyva…all under 20 bucks.


YYJ classic


On my job and home all the kids is very happy with the yyf Dv888 it’s good for small hands, stable and have a great sleep time