Yoyo under $15 or $15(or a bit more)🙂

Last topic, I ask some people what I should get, should I get the Magicyoyo Crystal K2 or the Topyo Mojo, I see a lot of more recommendation of yoyo’s, I just want to see if you have a recomendation’s, of other great yoyo’s for me😁

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Okay thank’s

Replay pro ($16) or wedge ($20)


You can find a MYY N12 shark for around $15 regularly in the online Rainforest store.

Even though a bit over your price tag, I might throw in IYOYOs Shooting Star, which is actually been promoted/reviewed via YYE.
Its an awesome throw! Comes with both, a responsive as well as a unresponsive an HQ Pixel bearing, allowing you to adjust the throw, matching you needs/ability. Even though I own a lot of quite more expensive throws, this one get surprisingly much string-time… its a kind of worry-free every occasion throw. you might consider this as well, if not too pricey, being about 30.


Oh wow thank you so much😁

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just get a yoyo,throw it. it will be fun. get anything, it will be fun. just get any yoyo because you won’t even know the difference.


Oh wow, thank’s first time knowing that

This one is good and it comes with an extra bearing $14.99

This is also the exact same YoYo @Gentry_Stein used in last weeks DNA tutorial video


The arrow pro is a great choice as well!

Is the other bearing in the box a unresponsive bearing?, btw thx

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Uhhhh, never hear that one, let me check, thanks anyway

Yes, it can be set up responsive or unresponsive. A very capable, comfortable and affordable Yoyo

Oh wow thank’s a lot

Looking at your price range I highly recommend the replay pro for $16, it was used to win the 2015 U.S. national yoyo contest.

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Oh WOWWW, Thank’s

I really like my Replay Pro, but I will say that I found it beneficial to upgrade the bearing which turned it from a $16 throw to a $36 throw. Also, it does feel a little on the heavy side. But for $16 it’s an excellent first yo-yo. I’ve smacked it onto concrete by accident on two occasions and while the marks are there, the yo-yo still plays great!

If I did it again I’d choose the Galaxy color or one of the other marble colors, which are better at hiding scuffs if you care about that.



Why did you switch the bearing? It already comes a yyf center trac which is an excellent bearing.

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Oh wow thank’s