What is the red and silver yoyo that the guy in the video uses.

The subject says it all. That yoyo that he uses looks really awesome. And if you think that there are any better yoyos then please post. thanks ;D

If your talking about the videos in the “Learn” section, than its the Dark Magic 2.

Ok, by “that guy” I think you mean Andre Boulay. He is the owner of YYE. The yoyo he’s using is his signature yoyo, the Yoyojam Dark Magic II. It comes with two bearings: a slim bearing for responsive play, and a C-size bearing for unresponsive play. However, seeing that your favorite trick is rock the baby and your favorite yoyo is the fireball, the Dark Magic II might be too advanced for you. You should probably start out with a cheaper, beginner yoyo.

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its dm v1 not 2 u can see that it doesnt have the solid spin axle side hub things

Well my son just found out hot to do rock the baby that’s the only reason i liked it. And do u have any advice on what kind of yoyo i should get.

As a new player, I would recommend getting a protostar. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/122/YYF-ProtoStar

Fixed. I hope you realize that as a new player, he probably can’t bind yet. The ONE comes with 2 bearings, a slim bearing, and a wide bearing for advanced play.

I started with a dm2

I started out with the DM2 also and it worked great, until it broke, but as I recall the DM2 also comes with a slim bearing for responsive play, and a YYJ speed bearing for unresponsive play. It says so in the description on the product page.
I recommend this yoyo

But you recommended a Protostar. Does the Protostar come with a slim bearing?

no, but when i got my dm2 i tossed the responsive bearing and was consistant with binds at the end of the day