2A OR 4A


Im trying to decide which to do next

either get an Aquarius or big yo and do 4A

or get a set of sunset trajectories and work on 2A

i have a flying panda that is ****** up that i currently use for 4a so im leaning on 2a so i figured i would ask the crowd which is easier to get into pros cons and such or just your general opinion
i have a lot of 1A experience


I am debating between the aquarius and big yo 2 also! I have played with a big yo 2, and it was a little too big…I dont know about the aquarius tho. And I have no clue when i will be getting my next yoyo


I personally love practicing 4a, and if you have alot of 1a experience it should be easier to learn too.

(JonasK) #4

This is really hard for others than you to decide. We are talking about which style you want to practice and get good at. And we can’t know which one is easier to get into since this varies from person to person.

Addment, it would be logical that learning 4a should be easier when you know a lot of 1a. Since they both consist of string manipulation. 2a does not consist of string manipulation, but 2 hands, which sounds hard.


easier was not the right word for it and unfortunately the mother kinda made the decision for me she said that she would not allow the yoyo unattached in the house so there wouldn’t be damage to objects or others but this is a viable comparison still


i say 4A its very rewarding to land it on the string and you never get bind knots or string knots really. It also gets alot of attention but so does 2A of couse ;D


4A … So That We play together (hehe i play 4A with mah aqua.)