Aquarius or Big Yo?

I want either an Aquarius or Big Yo. I will be using it for 4a and I have not tried 4a much before except for with a kickside a little bit.

A good question, and one that I love to answer. :slight_smile:

Opinions may vary from mine but i will say my own.

I think the bigyo would be a better choice.

Lets look into this a bit.

I have used many 4A yoyos, probably every 4A yoyo there is (Since 4A was my main style for a while)
And I must say, the bigyo tops them all.

The bigyo has a few advantages over the others.

1: The bigyo is well…bigger!
This is good for beginners learning to 4A cause the large gap will help them land the catches easier.
Not only is this a good thing for beginners, but also for advanced players who plan on freestyling.
Bigger yoyo = less time running after a smaller yoyo flying down the stairs :slight_smile:

2: The bigyo bounces better!
I like trying new 4A tricks like anyone else does, but it gets frustrating when an aqua hits the floor and flies off due to its grippier rubber.
The bigyo is made of a hard but durable plastic so if it hits the floor, it wont roll off, it will bounce in its place a few times.
This allows you to quickly scoop up the yoyo back onto its string and keep playing if you drop it.
As you can imagine, the bigyo has the upper hand in bounce style 4A tricks :slight_smile:

3: The bigyo can do a bit more than an aqua can.
Aquas are made for 4A and 4A only, they have a tiny gap so 1A isnt really possible.
The bigyo however can! It has a nice gap so you can just have fun and fool around with your 1A tricks, and also try some 5A on it! (5A on a bigyo feels very cool, everything kind of “floats”)
Very fun yoyo!

4: The bigyo is a crowd pleaser if you ever go out and do shows or demos.
People see the thing and go: Wow! That yoyo is HUGE! And they will always ask where they can get one :slight_smile:

5: This yoyo is fun, this yoyo = fun.
Almost every time I pick up a bigyo, I smile, it can actually put you in a good mood as strange as that sounds, you never get tired of it.

6: Many pros use the bigyo, and its helped some throwers win contest too!
BAC 09 4A champion!

And the year before!


World champion of 06 in 4A.


World Champ of 2008 in 4A!

And a good show, Shane Karan Nats 07 4A 2nd! But so good!

So anyways, Just my 2 cents, I love bigyos very much, such a great yoyo.

I think you should get one! I know you will love it!


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i like the aquaris.

(personal preferance)

Man anyone is really lucky to get a response from Jayyo ;D

Oh Jayyo!
that’s why tsubasa onishi please the audience because will performing a trick at BAC '09 his shoes
was remove! ;D

Jayyo that helped me so much. I’m glad that you explained the reason and I love those videos of people. I think I’ll try them both out but now i think I’ll get the big yo.

I like the Aquarius for thi size more like a 1A yoyo than a BigYo. The feel is good too. Imagine doing Black Hops with a BigYo. :stuck_out_tongue:

out of the two I say Bigyo.
it is actually to do Black Hops with a Bigyo than an Aqua. I have used an aqua and it is horrible.

A couple of days ago I almost bought the Aquarius but decided to wait. One of the main reasons I was going to go with it was the rubber rims. I figured I was going to be dropping it a lot. But from what was said above, the Big Yo is just as durable?

If I’m on a hard surface and it hits hard, it’ll survive intact?

Yes! :slight_smile:

The bigyo is very durable, and will survive many an impact.

Love em.


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I agree with Jayyo. Big yo is the best. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Well, the rubber rims don’t actually get as dirty as you think. It depends on which surface you land on. Dirt will take a couple hits to get stained. Pavement will take a while. It all depends on where you land it. :wink:

Well, I may have to put some thought into this Big Yo.

My biggest hold back right now is not really having anywhere convenient to do off string.

Any grassy area should do fine, the yoyos that are made for offstring ussually take a lot of hits and are still in great condition.

My problem is I’ve moved into town after living in the country my entire life. I have no back yard at all. And then the front yard… it’s not going to work. I guess it may depend on how much time I spend back on the farm this summer.

Well, 4A is probably my favorite/main style now.

I have/had Hayabusa, BigYo, and Aquarius.

The BigYo seems a little to “Big” to me. Seemed harder for me to whip catch with a BigYo because you need the loop to be larger then the yo-yo, I it just IMO, but also, It seems to slip when I throw it. I can’t do the powerful whole body throw beecause it goes to far back, and sometimes I am in need of an extra wrapping around the bearing. I cleaned my bearing, but that causes throw slips for me, I can max a 1 minute 10 second spin with this thing.

The Aquarius. I don’t have this anymore because the side broke, but before I knew how to clean the bearing and such, I just used REALLY worn strings and a loose gap not for snag. I have tried cleaned bearing Aquas and they seem to play almost perfect. Fit nicely in my hand, I could barely bind and it would snap back, I can do “Power-throws” and I don’t have an exact time, but it was around 1 minute 30 seconds.

Finally, the Hayabusa. Personally the Hayabusa is my weapon of choice… for 4A ;D. Even before I cleaned the bearing It had no snag but maybe a accidental bind or so if an extra string snuck in there. So I cleaned the bearing and blasted it out with pressurized air, and it seemed to do anything. It comes with 2 thin spacers, 2 thick spacers, 2 Friction stickers, and 2 silicone pads. I 1 thin and 1 large spacer and 1 silicone pad. Not much else I can say, IMO, best 4A out there. I can get around 2 minute spin with this thing.


Yes, I love Hayabusas.

oh wow, I’m going to have to try all three of those at the yoyo shop near me. I know that they supply big yo and hayabusa, but I’m not totally sure about the aqua. I’ll definitely consider all three.

What shop?