4a yoyo's it is all down to your vote

The vote is all down to you guys. whatever one has most votes i’ll get


Are you a beginner in 4a? Or advanced?

Beginner: Aquarius
Advanced: Hayubasa, or BigYo

Thats funny Samad…Andre said Aquarius was hands down the best 4A yoyo Beginner or Expert. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Thats his opion and I agree with samad.

no WHERE THE HECK IS THE MIGHTY FLEA!??¿ jk lol Aquarius. Hayabusa is smaller, so its harder to catch and stuff, bigyo is made of plastic, and will kill tv’s, computers, dogs, cats and badgers. Aquarius is big, easy to catch, and has rubber rims, so it won’t have such a high kill rate.