BigYo, Aquairus, Big Ben, Or Hayabusa SL

Which one? Aquarius? Tell me what you think of the Aquarius! BigYo or BigYo2? Size difference? Feel? Hayabusa, I’m leaning towards this, how soft is it? How does it feel? Size? What about the Big Ben? Good for Offstring?


The big yo2 is great! Its a little heaver than a DM and twice the size. In my opinion its the best because first it sleeps really well and has no vibe. Second it has an adjustable gap. 3rd A flipping huge bearing for great weight distribution. 4th Double O-ring response so you don’t have to replace any stupid friction stickers. 5th its the best for bounce tricks because it is hard plastic and will bounce when it hits the ground, unlike the Aqua which will run away due to the friction of the rubber. 6th more durable than rubber. rubber can be cut or where down easily where the plastic on the Big yo just needs a little sanding to get it back to normal. 7th and the number one reason I love the big yo…ITS GREAT FOR 1A and 4A!!! 8th You can do an OS grind. And those are all the reasons I love the big yo over the others.

OK now that I got that outta my system now to answer your questions. I don’t much care for the Aqua because of the small bearing, no response, and the rubber. But if you like that stuff go for it.

I love the big yo(as you can tell). The big yo2 is the only one sold. I have herd two story’s for the big yo. One is that YYJ made the first one back in 2003 and it was too “thick walled” . So they slimmed the walls down and Made it lighter and called it the Big yo2. The second story was that a guy named Tommy Gun made a big yo out of AOL disks and a dollar store yoyo. It didn’t work because it was cutting his fingers. Then YYJ decided to make a Big yo and called it the Bigyo2. Don’t know but I think the first is more likely.

Moving right along. The hayabusa is a good OS yoyo but it uses Duncan friction stickers. It also has a small bearing. The rubber is fairly firm like a pencil eraser.

Big Ben is like a smaller Big yo with caps. Later

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The Hayabusa is the best offstring yoyo I have ever played. I would want to put one big spacer in it and one small spacer in it, no friction sticers. Plays great!

Some BigYos do have vibe, the sleep times is all in your throw, how does the bearing effect the weight?, Hayabusa is OPTIONAL friction stickers or silicone stickers, and it is preference about the 1A and 4A thing, You can do OS grind with about any other OS yo-yo, again with the frition stickers, it is optional.

… Just to point it out.

Hayabusa, if you wonder why use the search button, there is a lot of posts like this.

Aquarious, everyone I’ve seen at the Sunshine Kite Company play offstring used the Aquarious, except for one person. (Yoshi was using an Aqurious too.)

I have the Aquarious and I love it!

The Hayubasa is wonderful. It is amazingly smooth, small enough for tech 4a, and just awesome all around.

Big Ben is my favorite. It is extremely smooth and very durable too. I hear some people say that it is not durable but let me tell you, that thing can take a major beating and walk away nearly scratch less.
It is small enough for techy 4a and plenty large enough for the more fun 4a tricks. And with a little bit of practice you can get tight binds every time. It is also very good for 1a. I am on master and above and can do every single one of my tricks on it. It is also very good for 5a. Its heavy weight and large size make it great for a beginner 5a player. It also spins plenty long enough for any 4a trick.

And next to the Big Ben, the Black Knight is my second favorite offstring yo-yo. :wink:

I have never tried the Big Ben but if it were out of the other 3 I would go with the Aquairius dude. Just from a first hand account, i have one and i love it. The Big yo in my opinion is TOO BIGG and the Hayabusa is alright but the sides are not as protected as the Aqua is with the rubber and all ya know! But its up too you i would go with the Aqua and Andre uses it ;)…good luck in your choice

Most big yos have no vibe. Me and Ronnie both have one and no vibe. Sleep time can depend on anything not just a throw. Can depend on how hard you throw yes but it ca also depend on what bearing you are using which most of the time is stock for a Big yo. Are you saying that you can throw a trans axle big yo (if they had one) and it wont effect the spin time. So no the sleep time is not all in the throw. The bigger the bearing the more the yoyos wight is distributed out on it allowing longer spins. Now the big yo is a gigantic yoyo so it needs a big bearing to distribute all its wight. I’m sure he is talking about stock here. So we are talking about fiction stickers. You are right about the 4a and 1a but yea really you can do 1a fairly easy on a big yo where a aqua not so much. But that is preference. I’m not saying you can’t do an OS grind, I’m saying it makes it easier. Rubber is a vary grippe material which makes it a big hard to grind. Again we are talking stock here. Just pointing out. Later.

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