big yo for tech 4a??

i was wondering can big yos do tech 4a???


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Big yos are made for 4a so I would say yes.

they can, but it is gonna be hard because of its tremendous size.

you should pick up a smaller off string yoyo if you want to do tech, such as a zan navi.

I don’t like it for Tech.

Too large to do… well Tech.

I would go with a Xodus II or Hayabusa. For some reason I like the Xodus for Tech 4A, Jayyo brought it up somewhere so I tried it and it is very nice.

I wouldn’t want to do techy tricks with a BigYo because it is huge, as the name implies. I agree with Evan.

Well it can be possible…

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Starscreem is right.

It is possible but is hard, and there are other yoyos that might do tech 4A better.

I wouldn’t reccomend it for tech 4A, as there are other yoyos that are smaller and will make it easier.

Try for a Hayabusa or Xodus 2.

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I never said it wasn’t possible to do it, it just may be hard to do it for some people, as gm user said.

Its not “impossible” but its not practical.

If you really want to get into some tech 4A, I would recommend an xodus 2 or maybe a big ben.
They are undersized so they can fit into different string segments you may try to access.

Bigyos are made for more flashy 4A, such as difficult release and catches, regens, and bounce tricks.
Pretty much diabolo tricks for yoyoing :slight_smile:

So yesh, it is possible to do tech 4A on a bigyo, but it just isnt very practical.


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In Dark Magic 2, Andre does some beasty 4A with a DM…

Now its not real techie but alot of people rule out metal and metal rimmed yoyos for fear of dings and scratches… and also plastics like Lyn Furys and Speedmakers… Just play over carpet or grass…

I think alot of people rule out any yoyo that wasn’t made for offstring, and thats being yoyo-ist… Thats being prejudice to yoyos… Give a normal 1A yoyo a try and see if you like that…

I dont use metal yo-yo’s for 4A.

Well no one is stopping anyone from doing 4a with metals.

Yes, It is very good for tech! :smiley:

I would definitely pick up a big ben for tech 4a. They play great!

thanks for the probally just getting hayabusa.can the sl version bounce when it hits the ground or is it like aquarius??

The Aquarius mostly can bounce more than Hayabusa SL, because Aquarius yoyos are made with strong polycarbonate and large rubber rings molded.

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In my expirience, The Aquarius can’t bounce any more than the SL Hayabusa.

Nah, the Aquarius can’t bounce very well.

If you’re looking for a bouncy Tech 4A yoyo, I would say that the standard Hayabusa should suit your purposes. The standard versions have harder rubber rims, so it should bounce better. The SL has softer rims, that might not bounce as well, but it’s less likely to break something.

But Aquarius have more rubber rims that bounce a bit.
Here is a proof of John Narum using Aquarius at 1:08 to 1:13 and 1:56 and 1:59:

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