Hayabusa, go big, or equinox?

im planning to buy a 4a yoyo although i cant choose between hayabusa, go big, or equinox… any suggestions?

ive tried hayabusa and its nice. however i havent played other 4a yoyos and i want to have a yoyo that si value for money to accomodate a wide range of tricks

Go Big is good. Equinox is better for techy tricks. The Hayqbusa is a good beginner choice. If you decide on the Hayabusa, don’t go with the SL version.
All in all I’d say that the Go Big is the best option. It will take you from throwing it up and totally missing, to rockin’ the stage Ben Conde style.

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I suggest you buy the go big, it is bigger, has a wide catch zone for beginner, more durable, but I can suggest the fiesta xx too

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thanks dudes! ;D imma get myself a Go big! :smiley:

I like how the Go Big looks. It reminds me of the aquarius and I like how the Aquarius looks. Might have to get one.

The think is, if you’re new to off-string, you know whatever you’re going to get, you’re gonna beat the heck out of it. I feel better bearing up an inexpensive yoyo, which is why I managed to score an Aquarius off BST. I also have a Big Yo and a Fiesta XX.

My thoughts are as follows: I’m not ready for 4A yet, but when I am, I want the equipment here and ready for me. I’m planning ahead!

Now, I like the idea of the rubber rims, so I’d say the Go Big is is the proper choice. Plus, I really like how it looks. I think my bank account is going to have to take another hit to the YYE store!

Hayabusa - meh. it’s good for some beginner offstring, but it’s not that great. not a big fan personally. it’s fun to mess around with though.

Go big - my favourite off string. It’s durable like an aquarius, bounces decently high, and is responsive when you want it to be. As in you can do that awesome conde style whippy things that I don’t know the actual name of.

Equinox - omg this thing bounces high. as in if you drop it (on some kind of hard floor) it will bounce back up to almost the same height. It’s really good for technical tricks, as it has a pretty wide gap. But the size of the gap makes it moderately hard to do those whip bind things that I really need to find out the name of.

Also a good choice is a fiesta xx. it’s also pretty good for more technical 4a stuff, and won’t snag on you.

Never tried any of them, but my friends like it and looks good, get the Go Big

I think that some equinoxs have the speed bearing in them making the hard to bind.