big yo or aqaurious?

I need a good os yoyo and I am tied between a big yo or the aqua I k ow that the big yo is consiserably larger but rhe aqua still looks good si whic one should I get?

i have the aquarious and it is awsome! (the big yo is to big) the aquarious is like the best evur! :wink:

Well, what level are you?

I play with mky Big-Yo personally because of the wide gap so no split knuckles and easy whips.

For Beggener use Aqua but it kills your hands, IMO Big-Yo

how does it kill your hands? because i am planning on getting one.

it dosnt kill my hands. the big yo just feels weird to me. and i personally think aquas better. its all personal preference. i guess you cant go wrong with either. the aquas big. but the big yo is like the size of my head! :wink:

big yo is awesome, no snags and offstring madness, you can hardly miss.

i have played a big yo. it snags. but i am not very good at off string, so i couldve been doing something wrong

lets settle this with a vote

aquaris :smiley:

aquarius! ;D

Aquarius all the way~

thank you connor,… aquarius again!!! ;D

Definetly Aquarius. Big Yo, if it lands on the ground, it doesn’t bounce, it hits and rolls away. Aquarius, on the other hand, hits and bounces. It has rubber. I’d try out both first before buying if you have a friend or a store to buy it from (hobby store). Big Yo is waaaaaaay to big for me.