can some one give me a picture of a big yo next to aquarius

since i really want to see the size of big yo can some one give me a picture of a big yo next to aquarius

oh yeah is the aqua or bigyo better in your opinion?

Hold on, I got you covered

thanks for da fast reply :smiley: :smiley:

Do you have more then 1 BigYo? I thought you cracked yours trying to break the shoot the moon world record :wink:

Left to Right - Big Yo, Offstring, Aquarius, Panda, Hayabusa

There you go. Oh, and the Big-Yo uses ring response, the Panda uses Pad Response, and the rest just use gap friction.

oh thank you very very very very much dryoyo it really helped me and in your opinion does the big yo or aquarius play better

For just starting, the BigYo is easier to use, but I think the Aqua is a bit better. You know, I don’t really know, I don’t do much 4a past the “Butterfly Catch” in my show. I use Panda’s for that (I have 7 of them)

I have an aquarius and it’s great, the only flaw in it it that it sometimes snags (a lot) and binds because of the small gap, i’m not sure about bigyo though…

is the yyf offstring better than aquarius?how come i rarely see people use it?

YYF OS isn’t that popular but i have no clue why.

well, is it durable? is it sturdy? is it better than an aqua?

I like the Offstring. If has a good weight to it. BUT, I hear that it can come apart when dropped (hasn’t happened to me yet)