yyj Aquarius or duncan Hayubusa

Im trying to decide which one to get for 4A off string you know need to bump it up from my old tattered flying panda that has had 2 bearings had since I started yoyoing back in november after not doing it for two years and mom throwing out the others just a trashed throw monkey and free hand 2 but back to the point both look good to me so some words from both sides would be nice

What do you prefer?

He prefer them both, but can’t decide.

Happy Throwing! =]

I mean what do you prefer in OS yoyos.

I’ll make this real easy for you.

How good are you at 4A?

lot of trouble with toss and catch type tricks

crap yoyo response makes learning new stuff more difficult cause constantly gotta undo snags

im also just starting 4A and probably wont get the new one for a couple of months

You, my friend, have an Aquarius in your future then. :wink:


get an aquarius! WAAAY better than Hayabusa in my opinion