2a or 4a

Ive tried out both catagories and i really like them both… which one should i go into 1st

2a, get ready for a wrist work out.

I’d definitely go with 2a, we need more 2a players in our community. I’m trying to get into it, it just goes lopsided after about three tidal waves

2a. You’ll thank me later I promise, once you get good at it. Nothing makes another yoyoer jelous like showing off 2a! Here’s a little insperation:

That video was sick.

2a and 4a both have their own WOW factors. Why not learn both though? You would only need 2 more yoyos to start both. (Meaning you need a pair of loopers. You can use something you already have for 4a)

personally, i’d go with 4a first. It really gets all of the “WOAHS” and “WOWS” out of your peers and friends, just be careful that you don’t hit the ceiling, it immediately stops all of the “WOAHS” and “WOWS”. Also, (IMO) there is just more amusement in 4a, and you keep trying to get a trick down till you get it!

I am more of a 2a kinda guy myself that stuff is impressive as it gets IMO, example how awesome is a tangler in motion.

whats IMO?

In My Opinion.

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