1A or 2A

I went today to my local Toy Store because they told me there was a yo-yo “expert” there. He gave me to try out a DV888 (even though i wasn‘t interested in buying) i was very impressed by how it played, super long sleep, smooth play, i managed to even do new tricks. He also gave me a shot with some 2A yo-yo‘s and a 4A yo-yo. First of all because I‘m a nooby i obviously couldn‘t do real 2A so i did more like 0A (1 looping yo-yo only) i was just very nice, i liked to loop a lot with my Butterfly, he also gave me a shot a 4A yo-yo, this took a few minutes to learn how to throw but i finally got lucky and caught 1 throw, very unique.
For now I‘m not that interested in 4A, so either 1A or 2A, the thing is i can‘t really “choose” between them? I like both, 1A is more impressing, more fun sometimes, more popular, more invested in as for 2A it‘s a great practice for coordination as-well, looping is fun, it‘s less known (IMO) but very unique as-well, more basic than 1A (IMO again) but i still am very interested in it.
So basically why shouldn‘t i just do both? it‘s not that i can‘t do both, i would love to but before so i would have to like get a “main” style/category, either-wise i‘ll just get lost and frustrated. I haven‘t really had real yo-yo experience but just some basic tricks so i can‘t really say which one i like more.
I kind of frustrated and confused with this issue so any help would be appreciated

I would say that you should just do what you want to. Ignore what’s more popular and what looks more impressive, if you enjoy 2a, then go for it.


Try a bit of every style–offstring and counterweight included. Not only will that help you determine your preference in styles, but you will also have experience in other styles to help you play yours better :slight_smile:

Trying every style at least a bit is something I think all players should do. Expands your horizons and also provides some fun cross over ideas. :slight_smile: