Easy but flashy 4A

Hey guys, I’m doing another yo-yo show for the library I work at and have been brushing up on my looping and 4A to add a little more diversity to the performance.

Does anyone have any recommendations for some easy to pickup up 4A elements that will impress a crowd of non yoyoers?


For me when I first saw 4a the two main things that I thought looked really cool were regens and open string binds. But I’m sure if you make all the throws high/big and over exaggerated it’d look good to an audience. Been working on regens lately and if you need help with them just let me know.

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I’m honestly terrible at 4A. I can do leg orbits, barrel rolls, a very basic whip and a really basic recapture, so any input you have would definitely be appreciated.

Regens are cool. Popping the yoyo high looks neat too, maybe do a little 360 before catching it

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Alright when I get home I’ll goof around and get some details about what worked for me. If you’re at like 0% in knowledge I learned from the yotricks video about them. Also keep in mind that I know next to nothing about 2a so if the things I say are very basic 2a things bear with me a little. But the first thing I did was string my skyhawk like a normal yoyo and practice like that

Edit: lmk if I should pm you or if I should send any tips here

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Honestly that’s up to you if you want to pm me or post here. If anyone else can learn from my struggles that’d be great. I’m okay with 2A and actually progressing pretty quickly. it’s really just the 4A I struggle with.

Edit: And thanks for taking the time to reply.

How are you struggling with 4a but not 2a

Wat :joy:

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Alright I just didn’t want spam your thread with me trying to explain regens. And I was just saying that about 2a because I know that regens are based on something from 2a

Idk, i just see a natural progression with looping but feel like I hit a brick wall with offstring. Specifically open string stuff and whips drive me crazy.

Andy are you a 4a guy? I’ve had a question for a bit but never thought it was enough to make it its own thread

I can do the basic basics but 4a is my least favorite style and the one I’ve put the least time into.

I can’t even do real 2a tho cuz I can’t do consistent 2 handed loops :man_shrugging:


My bad I got busy last night and forgot I said I would give tips

So the way I practice the the normal throw into a frontspin regen was I put the string on my 4a yoyo like a normal 1a yoyo and then I would throw it out almost like a normal 4a throw but keep it low. Then I would let my non throw hand kind of “slap” the string or let the string run past my hand whichever gives you a better visual. And that gives some slack for it to wind up and start to come back. The point being to kinda simulate an actual throw and to get the yoyo back easy and quickly to easily repeat. And when the yoyo comes back up you practice the regen/ whatever its called in 2a I think yotricks called it a flip but I don’t remember. Some things that help me is when I do the regen I keep my arm relatively still and stiff. I only use my middle finger when I do the regen if I keep my pointer finger on top and let the string go over it and my middle finger I usually get wobbly unclean regens. Also you want there to be a couple inches of string left before the yoyo reaches your hand when you start the regen. I was trying to do it as it got to my hand for a while and I could not it clean that way. That’s all I can thinking for now for that one of I think of anything else I’ll edit this and add it in.

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how can you say that after you watch Myles routine

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