What 'unusual' styles do you do?


I do a bit of 1/2 A, some hidden eel and have attempted some slave style. What do you do?


You and your 1/2A… I play hiddel eel alot.


i do whatever the style is that Jensen made up with the string attached to your elbow… dont know what its called.


That would be tourniquet.


Pre-Washed (Washing Machine)
Leven (Two Strings one yoyo)

(UmeNagisa) #6

I think i just 1A weird

I put the slipknot on my ring and middle finger.
Feels more secure, and powerful.

And an Offspring of Leven
With a CW on 1 string


That sounds sick… I should try that…

(UmeNagisa) #8

Its One heck of a Challenge

(Zammy Ickler ) #9

Find my name under the learn section of Yoyoexpert.


Moebius is some pretty sweet stuff, one heck of a challenge though. It does blow non-throwers minds though, because they don’t know about the slip knot let alone using it for tricks.


What’s washing machine? I’m going to try hidden eel when I get the swivels. What slave?


Slave is when you use an unstringed separate yoyo to do tricks, imagine it like 1A added to 4A.


I bet the offspring looks awesome I’d like to see it sometime, I haven’t experimented with Leven as much as I should I think I will soon though I’m getting pretty bland and not coming up with new 1a material haha.


Lol isnt 1A supposed to be on your middle finger:P


9A off string with a counter weight


I can’t find any videos on tourniquet or any of these other styles. Could you guys link me?

(M.DeV1) #17

I 4a with a bearing diabolo so it can forever spin.

(Zammy Ickler ) #18

Out of curiosity, what is the challenge of it? And thanks, Moebius sure is a lot of fun. Doing no-handed tricks gets a crowd riled up.

Anyways to include of this discussion, I’ve purposely played many different substyles due to how boring it felt to play the main styles. The most well established substyles currently is Astro, Double Dice and Moebius.

Pre-washed is a neat thing Dr. Yoyo of Yoyoskills figured out when it came to playing Washing Machine.

The past couple years I’ve been trying to figure out Go-west and Sumo. A long lost style that were both made at the same time, with completely similar attributes, but with different ways of doing the same thing and a different name.

I’m not sure but from my point of view/understanding: Washing Machine is not the name of the style. The true style is known as Go-west. Washing machine is merely a trick that comes from Go West. The difference here is that Doc Pop would unwind just a little bit at the end so he could do some 4a like loops while inside the string that is still connected to your finger-ala 1a. He would then pop out of this pseudo 1a/4a mount and pop it out so then he is in regular 4a.

What he did would be classified as Go-west. Go West is where you have a string completely unwound up to the slipknot. You have the slipknot around your finger. The Japanese would do a neat wrap around the yoyo so that the yoyo could be thrown like 1a. Thus, being able to be stable with it and have it return back to your hand.

This video proves otherwise. Very old from 2000-2002ish. Took me a long time find, and so I re-uploaded.


Sorry for the school lesson, just figure would like to know.

(Zammy Ickler ) #19

The issue with that is not that many people are dedicated to said styles…therefore very difficult to find. Very difficult to pick up due to the lack of a base for people to learn.


Sliding counterweight is also fun.