Leven-A (L-A) Debut (A New Style)

I didn’t see this style on the Wiki nor have I seen anyone try this so I’m making it into something. I have experimented with this type of style for awhile now and I am slowly getting a break through.
I at first put the slip-knots on my index and ring fingers but then switched it to my middle and ring finger it wasn’t until I got the idea from Pre-Washed by Chris Allen to put a knot in the string to correct less tension in the two separate strings.

NOTE: This style is not off-string, it’s just the “knot” concept I saw in Pre-washed.

I even tried only using one slip-knot on my middle finger and using the other string as some what of a 5a type of thing but that failed miserably. More videos will be uploaded basing off of this style once I create new tricks and elements. If anyone gets interested by this style feel free to try it yourself and create new stuff I am only the brain behind it I’m sure people can and will take this to crazy heights.

The basic idea is to create tricks involving the two separated strings above where the knot is placed. You can even still do the tricks you know and love but there is just more string in the gap area.

Without further ado this is my own original style which I am currently calling Leven-A or L-A for short.

Thanks for watching and leave feedback!




That was really cool :o

sweet! so its pretty much just putting 2 strings on it?


Yes except you want to put a tiny knot about 1.5-2 feet down the string(s) depending how long your strings are, pretty much a little bit after the halfway mark of your string. Also releasing tension to the left side of the yoyo will make the two strings less likely to wind up together (If left handed release tension to the right side). Hope this helps!

Thats AWESOME!!! Dude you HAVE to make tutorials and a full freestyle out of that! Its insane! I can see the next trick innovater of the year!

Thanks so much that means a lot to me and I’m so glad you like it. Once I find out new elements and create new tricks with this style I will for sure make tutorials, I really hope other people try it out.

I can see it now! The next major style mwhahahahha!

Oh dude, this is way better than the idea I had!

Who knows people might think that as well, I consider it to be a more advanced Single A.

I think it would be against contest rules to use L-A in a Single A division by the way since there are two extra available string sequences that tech players could easily take advantage of. Who knows though maybe if people get into this style it’ll become it’s own thing or maybe it will be allowed in Single A divisions like moebius, but it’s just the beginning.

Glad you like it!

Wow man that was cool! I tried to figure out how you set up the string but couldn’t quite get it. You should show us how :slight_smile: I would love to be able to give it a run!


This video consists of a brief introduction on Leven-A and will show you how to setup your string/yoyo for Leven-A and a quick tutorial of the first Leven-A trick “Leven-A Matrix” Enjoy!

Sorry if it’s hard to understand me it was late and I have a loud echo in my room, also sorry for the camera adjusting it does that all the time.

Tutorials on the way:
-Leven-A Split Bottom Mount
-Leven-A Elevator (This one is really cool and way better than the original Elevator.)

Tricks will get harder eventually but I want to remake some of the breakthrough Single A yoyo tricks for Leven-A (Boingy-Boing, Gyroscopic Flop, Dr. Strange, etc for example.) before I start creating my own unique Leven-A tricks.

This is how a split bottom mount should look if you are doing front-style involving both strings.


I do that all the time but I always fail miserable and can never think of what to do :o

I have several tutorials coming soon, I don’t want to rush into anything as I am still exploring with this style just like anyone else trying it.

Tutorials coming soon:

L-A Fancy Elevator
L-A Double String Axle Flop
L-A Half Hops
L-A 3 String Boing-E-Boing (This one is difficult)

I realized leven a sound like 11a! Hmmm…

It wasn’t intended to sound like 11a but I kind of like the sound of it. 1a + 1 more string.




Thank you so much

okay, sio I just got into this.
and first thing I thought of.
“Wow this on 2 fingers is annoying. If only I had a CW on one.”
“WAIT I may be on to something!”
andso after some experimenting.
I think I finally got this down!:wink:
You guys want a vid soon?