Swivel Discussion. Now with Brand New Super Easy Pictorial!! Wee

How is the mod-spacer FHZ? I always wanted a FHZ, but never knew what to get.

They’re grrrrrrrrrreat.

For my preferred Mod Spacer setup you need:
1 Mod Spacer Kit ($4.50)
1 Offstring Spacer Kit ($4.50)

Can we see the FHZ first and what mods does it have?

The FHZ is off topic. If you’d like to see it, go to my thread entitled “Your Favorite FHZ Setup”

I tried this out about 6 months ago, and it worked pretty good. But somehow I just never felt like using it! Might bust it out again.

As alluded to, you don’t need to replace the slipknot part… so if there’s a string that feels great on your finger, you can use that string for the slipknot and use your other rough or painful strings for the main section… which is pretty cool… :wink:

Yup!!! :smiley:

This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing. This isn’t a just a gimmick either. This idea might make people angry who have spend the last 15 years perfecting their technique. Haha.

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Me and Dingo54 were discussing this. If it was even brought into a major contest, it would cause extreme controversy.

It is THAT good. It is Cheating. 100%. God Mode for string.

Imagine being able to bust a suicide or whip/slack/ANYTHING at any second without second guessing.

No, scratch that. Imagine being able to practice Horizontal without having to get that clustery mess and taking it off your finger every other throw to fix the tension ahha

Oh yeah, string companies will be upset too… Cuz my strings are lasting a lot longer (used to go through like 2 a day if I played a lot…Typically one a day to keep things fresh)… I’ve been destroying my fingers practicing today… I undoubtedly should have already gone through this string… it’s a little frayed but it’s still good to go with no foreseeable string change for atleast another whole day. String Tension as good as the first throw.

I took a screenshot of this whole thing just in case we get in trouble for this before I get to Walmart :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are funny. :smiley:

This is awesome. I just tied on the smallest ball bearing swivel from my tacklebox and it’s like magic! I need to go a bit smaller though, because it’s clanking around inside the yoyo.Crimping the eyes a bit and/or adding shrink tubing over the eyes would also help keep the metal off the yoyo.

Dude, brilliant idea with the shrink tubing! Ill see if i can make it work. Edit: Shrink tubing can’t handle it. Was good idea though, I don’t think it’s necessary. Read further on

Also size 12 swivels from Walmart come in packs of 12 for 1.26… They are perfect Size… Especially cuz you can thread a string, tie a knot, and you’re good

Daaaaang, great idea man. Tried something like it once but failed miserably.

I encourage you to try it with the swivels i showed. You will be a believer.

And the “contest” portion of this thread is called off for another giveaway to be announced at another time.

This is pretty cool…
Almost as cool as the lightswitch cover behind you :wink:

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Hahahahaha… Don’t ask… Ok i have to explain. I moved rooms because the sun shines so bright into my old one…

So i switched, and yes there is a goofy light switch cover with a monkey lolol…

Man you can do some cool “carousel” type tricks with this setup. There’s no way i can explain it but just imagine the whole apparatus spinning. If youre familiar with astrojax… Think kind of like a horizontal orbit but gt style. Use your imagination till i make another vid showing what I mean. Should open some more doors for tricks… Also if you attach the swivel like i did you can do some cool string tricks like in the video i do a reverse ninja vanish variation…

I really hope this catches on… There are no cons that i can see

If you can find a string that is the perfect length…


All you would have to do is thread the string through the swivel eye and you’re good to go…

Cuz the slipknot doesn’t need to be changed but once a month I’m guessing… Or when it gets dirty…

Lol… Gg … I need to find that poly that is the perfect length… Muahaha

What Kind of knot did you tie skyhiyo? durability is my only vex

Square knot but put the string through the loop an extra time when you’re tying the knot. You kno? And i melt the end of the clipped string into the knot

If you think it won’t be durable. I don’t blame you, i tested it for myself before putting it on my majesty. Take a piece of string, attach each end to the swivel and pull it… You’ll be surprise that the string rips in half before the swivel breaks or the knot going through the swivel eye (if its smaller like mine)

Its rated for reeling in fish…