String Swivel Mod

slacks are fun. Dealing with string tension is annoying. Here is a simple mod to put a swivel onto your string so you have 1 less thing to worry about.



The payoff for the video would be seeing it in action. :wink: The “little loop pulls the string through” trick was handy to have, but I wanted to see it in action!

here you are


Nice! And how do you like it? Would you put the swivel closer to your throwhand finger next time?

i’ve been using these since last years bac, and got it down to about 3 inches from the throwhand finger works well. It’s hard to go back to regular string. it’s so convenient

I need to try this. o.O if its actually that practical. Sell them!

I would love to sell them, but the price would be outrageous, the mod is simple for 1 or 2 strings but I can’t imagine making 100 of these and making a profit but if I have extras at competitions just track me down and ill give you one if I have any

Are you using just simple fishing swivels?

True, although I mean think about it. You would only need to sell a couple per pack like 3-5 and like Caribou Chris hand assembles, throws, and inspects every clyw not to mention stamps every side of everybox. Very tedious and he loves it. You never know what you could get into. I’m deffinently going to try this in the near future.

I suggest the spro size 6 swivel with the 1/8" I’ve tried another swivel but the eyes (the place where you attach the string) , aren’t closed loops so it has a higher chance of slipping between the gap

This is a completely different thing than selling yoyos, Chris can sell his goods for 100s to cover his costs. I would need to make much more product
Dirtbag Yeti approves this mod. I’ve been using this for more than a month, absolutely love it. I put the swivel ~1cm from TH finger, so it wouldn’t mess with my tricks.

DO REMEMBER, that the swivel is made from steel, so it might eventually leave some slight scraches on the ano.

Definitly going to try this. Strictly for my plastics tho

I really don’t get how this works. Maybe I’m just being dumb or overlooked something he said, but I don’t get it.

…It’s a swivel. It allows the string to spin without creating tension. Only the swivel mechanism spins, the string doesn’t tighten (or loosen) on itself.