YYE's classic "Expert Village" tutorials gone

I just came to realization this morning after seeing on a FB post that YYE’s classic tutorials have all been removed and there’s now a bunch of tricks on YYE (especially the more advanced stuff that haven’t gotten updated) that lead to dead videos. Wasn’t sure if you guys were aware of this but thought I’d pass this along. Seems that Expert Village, the ones hosting the videos term’d their channel.


I Brought this issue up to @YoYoExpertGarrett he’s currently looking into it right now :+1:


It seems Beginner-Advanced Part 2 videos are all there, but text is “Description coming soon” while Expert, Master, Looping, 2 Hand Looping, Counterweight, and Offstring tricks have text instructions but are missing video. Perhaps they’re in the middle of updating some things. It’s a great resource library to have. Glad YYE is looking into it :+1:

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Yeah. I’m out of office this week but get back tomorrow. I think I have them backed up somewhere (as they were originally owned by Expert Village who it would appear has had their channel deleted). Thanks for asking!

The real ‘plan’ though is more new tutorial content produced by us. And I also have some of those tricks redone that need to be uploaded too. :+1:


Whoa, isn’t Expert Village one of the earlier channels on YouTube? Either way, looking forward to some new content!


Yes, please fix this. Thanks.

I have been loving the new tutorial videos. Way easier to learn from. Well done!

You should have no problem learning from the written descriptions at all. Just land it over your hand like that, and hook the string with your thumb.