Yoyo Expert tutorial videos gone?


Just wanted to make sure its not just me seeing this issue.
All the videos up to master class are gone. All master class videos are there.

Very weird.

(LordCanti) #2

You’re right. What happened to them??? Are they going to put up new videos soon?


I’m on my iPhone and I can see them.


I hope they make new ones. Get some super master tricks in there. Maybe some of Andre’s tricks. Just something new.


thats weird, they are gone


The page is there but the video is gone. When you click Play you get:
“The video you have requested is not available.”

Will have to check on that.


Channel removed for multiple copyright infringements is what I get (paraphraseing).


Ahh, yes. Weird that some are still there though.


Don’t worry - should have them back on there soon.

Good news is - we are planning updated versions too in the near future! :wink:


Awesome! because I have been using those. I was sad to see them gone.


Yay! New tutorials! Love you André <3


STOKED! New tutorials possibly soon!


Most of them are back.

But yes - new tutorials - near future! :slight_smile:


And a Yye hat?

(Erik Kerber ) #15

Cool new tutorials yay!


I am glad to see everything is back and I look forward to the new videos.


Will there be new tricks?


And out of curiosity, what sort of copyright infringements?


Accidental thank

I believe the videos were uploaded by Expert Village which is not owned by anyone at yye.


You know what I really wonder?

If andré does more tutorials, do you think he’ll still use the DM2?