Add rethink yoyo tutorials and monkey finger in the learn section of yoyoexpert!

They arent shop related, so it wouldnt be supporting anything other than making more tutorials for people to learn! I mean, whenever people ask where to learn new tricks, rethinkyoyo tuts and mfd tuts are always recommended!

So i think it would be an amazing idea if andre contacted the owner of rethinkyoyo and mfd and asked if he wanted their tutorials on yoyoexpert? I think it would help people a lot.

It would also make some of these creative tricks more public, mainstream tricks!

Yes that would be nice

That would require the permission of the owners of those sites. It would be a bit redundant since they have their own sites.

One thing I have mentioned in the past is having firm ownership of all material that YYE presents on their web site as much as possible. This addresses and resolves issues and problems that crop up when people decide to delete stuff, remove videos, get accounts terminated, delete accounts or otherwise stuff being used becomes “unavailable” for whatever reason.

First, the Expert Village videos are what are currently used her for the main tutorials. As such Expert Village owns that worn and the copyright on it, even though they feature Andre Boulay. Whatever agreement is between those two companies is only the business of YYE.

On the positive side, despite being “dated”, the videos still hold up. Fundamentals and basics stand the test of time. But, it’s time to redo the videos.

YYE made a fantastic strong step last year with the Ben Conde off-string videos. Since those tutorials are OWNED by YYE, there’s no worries or concerns. YYE retains full control over all this content.

Similarly, I feel that the current videos should be replaced with new videos for the same reason. I’m sure while that’s being addressed, the videos would be not just a “let’s just redo it”, but rather a “Let’s redo it from the ground up and teach the trick using more current instruction and tutorial trends as it applies and is necessary for each trick”. If you’re gonna go through the effort, might as well do it right.

Going back to the Ben Conde videos, I think they are an excellent step in the right direction of YYE’s more casual “one on one” style of tutorial videos.

Totally agree with everything Studio42 says. And I hope that the “current techniques” include the animated arrows found in Miguel Correa’s videos! Super useful stuff, especially since care is taken to move the arrow “between” strings where appropriate for a SUPER clear explanation of where the yoyo is going!

Actually, I was just about to post a thread on needing some more modern tricks, until I saw this. So I definitely agree.

I actually think it would be a good idea to add a links tab. Then you could those and company websites yoyonews skills and anything else

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