Update Videos under Learning

I believe the single best improvement to the site would be updating the videos in the “Learn” section to HD. I realize this would take time and a fair amount of effort but i think it would be well worth it. Also if these new videos were posted on the dedicated yoyoexpert Youtube channel that would be even better.

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i heard andre is making new ones, but its just a rumor. i sure hope so!

Making them all in Gd would be almost useless. What you would want to do is make new ones.
It would be cool if there was more master tricks! (even though I am not at master level)

Right now Andre does not own the copyright to the Expert Village videos. I think it would be wise to have new videos done so they were will never be any more concerns about intellectual property.

HD would be a nice feature. YoYo works best in HD for tutorials IF done right, and believe it or not, most are done in a manner I would categorize as “right”. We just need more details. Zammy really nails it in his.

Anyhow, I need to refine Magic Drop and then learn Shockwave. Not sure what’s next to learn, but I have skipped tricks I can work on.

Yes! That would be great! I think we definitely need new vids, because, for one thing, HD would be awesome, and it would be really neat if YYE owned the rights to all the vids. And it definitely could not hurt to add some new tricks.

I would like to mention that while it would be great to have new videos(also so YYE can maintain control over their content), there are some over-sights that could be addressed:

1: The Matrix. This one doesn’t really go over the Ferris Wheel portion in sufficient detail. For me, I’ve found it not necessary for doing the trick as I seem to be able to have momentum to carry me through 10 repeats. When I do Ferris Wheel, I’m rubbing the sides too much and losing spin. Practice can fix this.

2: In some instances, there’s either not enough detail or the angles aren’t sufficient or things just aren’t pointed out as well as they could. This is a simple case of “live and learn” and “get it the next time”.

3: There’s always the possibility that a particular video won’t work for SOME people. This will change from video to video and person to person. In this situations, the choice for these people is to go find a different tutorial. There is never any problem finding a different video to help fill in the gaps or provide the information in a manner the person can relate to better.