question for andre...

i noticed that you have done the tutorials for mastermagic. there are different tricks there but the tutorials are much better on yoyo expert. Do you think you will ever add more tricks on yoyo expert? not that i could do them if you did, i’m only on the advanced trick section here. just wondering.

Actually… is in the process of putting together some full length DVD’s to teach yo-yo tricks like never before. You may find some new tricks on these videos too.

No estimated time of arrival or release date so don’t ask just yet - but just know we will continue to improve things here where we can. :wink:

That’s pretty sweet! I love how you analyze each trick and make it easy to learn. I’ve tried some other sites but they don’t teach you the trick, they just show it to you.

thanks andre. the site is great it will just take time to grow. keep up the good work.

Ok, this is just a brief idea, but could we have like a Members Tuturial Trick section? Not like the Videos forum but under LEARN we could show you them and other people can learn them? I cant really explain it… but a section in the learn area ;D

I agree with Evan. I have several tutorials up, but I can remake them if necessary.

I know this is kinda irrelavant but… Will the dvd’s cost money (LOL)(will they post some of the vids online for a little bit of preview rofl)?

Well that is an oblivious question -YES- only if you win it in a chat night. But with shipping and the time and the disk it must cost money or we would drive andre broke! ;D

I am totally looking forward to this… plus by the time they are out I will have money again! WOOT!