Tut section

I think it would be cool if there is a another learn section ( tutorial section) where anyone could post tuts on tricks they made/the tricks that are not on the learn section yet. Obviously the moderator have privilege of deleting any tutorials. This way we could have a lot more tricks not on the learn section and can spend more time on yoyoexpert.com . Even though I am suggesting it I can give some bad parts about this suggestion, tell me what you think or any suggestion to make it work or I’m being crazy.

Honestly, I think that the Learn section is fine with its current selection of tutorials. However, if you insist on staying on YoYoExpert grounds, then http://yoyoexpert.org/ has a video section that you can upload tutorial videos to. But from my experience, the videos in the site have very low quality compared to YouTube, Vimeo, or another video hosting site.

i agree
it would be ALOT easier to find new tricks

Are you serious? I’ve been here for how long and i had no idea about that.

Thats a great idea. I always am looking on the internet for new tricks. This way we can just come here and see them. People come up with tricks all the time, but I can’t find them all because the tricks section has a lot of questions about tricks. If yoyoexpert can’t do it then we should make a post where people can post there tricks and we can put them there. Like a megapost.

Or a child board in the Tricks section specifically for tutorials. I really like this idea too!

Hey I forgot. YoYoExpert does have something already like that. Its the YoYoExpert Youtube Channel!

that would be pretty nice, it’s like the one drop forums

Its not a official YYE channel, it’s just the members of YYE making tuts.

yah, it doesn’t pick up all the tricks


yah ( secretly a bump )

I like that idea a lot.

I like it but it will be like the review section… it will have 25% tutorial videos and 70% tutorial requests, and 5% missplaced threads… (Like ever section…)

^ True, but I’d still like to see it done. I was actually just thinking today how awesome that would be (again :P). I just feel like if we had a well moderated, strictly tutorial based section it would make it a whole lot easier and less frustrating for those of us who just want to find a new trick to learn.

yah…, it might be a better idea if there is a system like first you post but before it gets published it gets sent to the moderator or admin or something, then if the person approves it then it gets published, if the person doesn’t, then that post is gone.

i posted a poll for tutorials in the yoyo tricks section problem solved

How so? Do you expect every single member to see that thread? Do you expect every single member that makes a tut to post it there?

don’t think that a single post will resolve a problem, and I would just make a single thread for the trick, I would not go to that thread just to post my trick

Okay… make a subsection under the tricks section. Then, have it divided into another 5 sections, one for each style. Then, divide it into type/difficulty (Type as in whips, tech,.etc. Maybe not needed.) Then, have the trick itself. If you click, you see vids. One trick can have more than one video. (Maybe another tut. will help more)

To get your trick in there: You can either submit to mod or something… or you can have another sub section where you post the trick that you want to go to the tutorials, and then it can be approved and sent. Otherwise, we’ll have too many spams in there and such.