New tutorials on YYE?

Hey guys,

I know I’m a newer member so I can’t say I’ve been here too long or that I have as much of a right to make this suggestion as some of you senior members. But as a fresh and new yoyo thrower I’ve appreciated the tutorials that Andre and YYE have given us to learn from.

But I will say this. Now that I have bought a couple yoyo’s and learned quite a lot, I have come to learn that this is pretty much the top dog premiere site for everything yoyo’s. However, I have found that I needed to go to a couple other sites to learn some tricks (not that looking at other tutorials is bad) and it got me thinking. I love this site, and claim it as my father site when it comes to yoyoing, and I just would like to see a little freshening up of the tutorial section.

In all of the other sites, they have high definition, easy background layout, and slow motion. Plus there are more tricks, such as paprika, magic trick…etc. Since I’m here 90%of the time though, I just thought it would be nice to see a nice new updated, fresh tutorial section for at least 1a. I think the old videos should still be around, maybe in another section, but just some fresh new ones would be sweet.

It is so nice how everything is laid out on this site, just needs to have an update in my opinion. I would love to see it!

I agree

Actually most of us find The tutorials on The forum pages because it gives good inspiration and ideas. And also they have done updated tutorials the mobieus section is actually fairly new as of now I am just wishin for a 3a section since there doesn’t seem to be one.

I don’t mind going to other places for tutorials, but some newer ones here wouldn’t hurt.

Actually, this site gives all the essentials. Whereas other sites may not. Also, new tutorials are added every once in a while.

I think at a certain point, it’s the responsibility of the player to start creating their own tricks,mounts,and combos. The tricks that YYE provides are enough to get a beginner player up to speed on modern play, and learn the essentials that are required to be get to a point that you, the player, can start creating your own tricks.

If you feel that you have reached a point beyond what YYE provides, then good work! You are nor in the position to further your yoyoing, and YYE tutorials provided that launch pad to do so. As much as some of us may like the idea of being spoon fed new tricks for the rest of our lives, there’s a point that we need to become “responsible yoyoers” so to speak and go on our own.

Think of YYE like parents, raising you up, teaching you the good, helping you out of the bad, and then once its time, you are off on your own, on a new journey. Cheesy analogy, but you get my point.

Basically, don’t be lazy. YYE is a resource of many, and you are beyond the tricks on the site, time to start getting creative and living it up!

This seems like a topic for the site improvements section.  Also, you might refer to this thread, in that section…on the subject.,59787.msg625999.html#msg625999

Welcome to the forum.  :slight_smile:

I spoke to andre at pnwr and he mentioned that they were planning to redo many of the tutorials in a clearer fashion. I dont know if he was planning on doing the whole series over but thats all I know. I mean, the tutorials are 10 years old. Cant expect them to be HD.
On an unrelated not, he said theres some sort of video collaboration hes doing with some other throwers thats supposed to be awesome.


I like the idea of re-filming the old tutorials in HD because YYE doe’s provide al the essential trick’s to get a thrower started it would just be really cool if the video’s were HD. I’m glad Andre’s thinking about doing that.

It’s funny because those of us who’ve been around for a long time, since the beginning of yo-yo videos on the internet, know that Andre’s stuff is actually pretty good looking. I was going through some old backups last week and found some videos of me that I did for Proyo when we redesigned their website (1998/99 maybe) and they were TERRIBLE quality. That being said, they were under 500k in size and even that was a lot on a dial-up connection. You guys don’t know how good you have it. Now I feel old, get off my lawn.

I wish I could post them to show you how bad they were, but I was wearing one of those old ProYo hats that YoHans used to wear and therefore will never make those videos public :wink:

Since we’re on the subject, can someone post (or PM me) the links to other sites with good tutorial videos :slight_smile: has some good tutorials

Sorry about the other thread guys, I figured I would create a poll to get an idea of how many people would like it. I didn’t realize I could update this thread. So ignore the new thread if a mod hasn’t already deleted it.

Thanks for all the responses.

Yeah I know what you mean, but some of us have a hard time learning tricks *cough ME *cough. I see what you are saying, and I have made some tricks of my own already, but sometimes I still need to look at videos to see different elements or to get inspiration. Like I said before tho, more tutorials would not hurt ::slight_smile: lol.

I completely agree with you. Even if Andre doesn’t redo all the tutorials himself, he can let one of the advantced senior members do the videos, do them in HD, and have high speed sections for some of the more advanced tricks. This would definitely be a good step forward for the site.

Thanks mods for deleting the other post. You guys are like, ok guys, no matter what all the other members say ;D. Just Playing :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard André say something similar at Cal States 2013.

It doesn’t hurt, but no need to push the matter if it’s not needed.
There are plenty of other resources to obtain some more useful information from elsewhere, and YYE has plenty more than enough to be that launching pad for people that I talked about.
“If it aint broke, don’t try to fix it” :wink:


Cool, sounds like it is already in the making.