Yoyo Expert Tutorials

I know this may seem silly to point out but we have some very fine tutorials and videos here: YoyoExpert Tutorials

I’m pointing this out because it seems that there have been quite a number of posts lately referring people to other store sites for videos and tutorials that Andre has presented here. Please check here before referring people to other sites, and if it’s a store site, please don’t list it here. Send them a PM instead.

And yes Virginia, I fully realize that seeing another presentation can be helpful. :wink:

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Well said. While having multiple people’s tutorials is always nice, André’s are top shelf, especially the newer ones done at YYE with multiple camera angles etc.

All that said, thank you. Jhb8426, we sometimes need to be reminded YYE is paying for this forum and, they shouldn’t be giving other web shops free advertising.

I learned a lot from Andre’s tutorial. I remember downloading them on 64kbps internet back then.

All tutorials, both the old and the new, on this website are great. Been yo-yoing for 6 years now and I still come to this website to learn tricks I have yet to master depending on the play style.

We are all aware of the other sites and they can be quite useful, HOWEVER, no other site is as well organized, as well detailed and as consistent as Andre and YYE is.